Crypto 81 proceedings

The proceedings of Crypto 81 was published as a UCSB Tech Report. These papers were not refereed, and this predates the existence of IACR. The front matter with preface and table of contents is available here. The cover sheet is also available.

For those who are curious, a list of people registered for the conference is available here.

Session A: Theory & Implementation

Ron Rivest, MIT, Chairman

Session B: Algorithms, Techniques, & Funding

Ralph Merkle, ELXSI Int'l, Chairman

Session C Computers, Networks, Key Management

Steve Kent, BBN, Chairman

Session D Applications and Issues

Steve Weinstein, American Express, Chairman

Rump Session

Paul S. Henry, Bell Labs, Chairman

Panel Discussion

National Security and Commercial Security: Division of Responsibility,
Whitfield Diffie, BNR (Moderator),
Melville Klein, NSA,
Michael L. Dertouzos, MIT,
Andrew Gleason, Harvard
Dean Smith