Crypto 81 proceedings

The proceedings of Crypto 81 was published as a UCSB Tech Report. These papers were not refereed, and this predates the existence of IACR. The front matter with preface and table of contents is available here.

Session A: Theory & Implementation

Ron Rivest, MIT, Chairman

Session B: Algorithms, Techniques, & Funding

Ralph Merkle, ELXSI Int'l, Chairman

Session C Computers, Networks, Key Management

Steve Kent, BBN, Chairman

Session D Applications and Issues

Steve Weinstein, American Express, Chairman

Rump Session

Paul S. Henry, Bell Labs, Chairman

Panel Discussion

National Security and Commercial Security: Division of Responsibility,
Whitfield Diffie, BNR (Moderator),
Melville Klein, NSA,
Michael L. Dertouzos, MIT,
Andrew Gleason, Harvard
Dean Smith