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Enigma Variations
H. R. Schuchmann
Eurocrypt 1982
H. R. Schuchmann
<i>C</i><sup>*</sup><sub>-+</sub> and HM: Variations Around Two Schemes of T. Matsumoto and H. Imai
Jacques Patarin Louis Goubin Nicolas Courtois
Asiacrypt 1998
Keying the German Navy's Enigma
David Kahn
Crypto 1989
Facts and Myths of Enigma: Breaking Stereotypes
Kris Gaj Arkadiusz Orlowski
Eurocrypt 2003
Enigma 2000: An Authenticated Encryption Algorithm For Human-to-Human Communication
Alan Kaminsky
Enigma 2000 (E2K) is a cipher that updates the World War II-era Enigma Machine for the twenty-first century. Like the original Enigma, E2K is intended to be computed by an offline device; this prevents side channel attacks and...
received 7 May 2019
A Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma
Neal Koblitz Alfred J. Menezes
In August 2015 the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) released a major policy statement on the need for post-quantum cryptography (PQC). This announcement will be a great stimulus to the development, standardization, and...
last revised 19 May 2018
Journal of Cryptology Author Index
Journal of Cryptology Author index This index was compiled by Kevin McCurley. It is not guaranteed to be completely accurate. Please send email to if you find any errors. It was last updated on Monday, July 31, 2000 at 1:54....
External Reviewers, IACR TCC 2012
External Reviewers, IACR TCC 2012 M. Abdalla J.H. Ahn J. Alwen J. Bethencourt C. Bosley Z. Brakerski E. Bresson P. Bunn R. Canetti N. Chandran M. Chase C. Cho S. Chow K.-M. Chung O. Ciobotaru S. Coull Y. Deng Y. Dodis M....
On Quantifying the Resistance of Concrete Hash Functions to Generic Multi-Collision Attacks
Somindu C. Ramanna Palash Sarkar
Bellare and Kohno (2004) introduced the notion of balance to quantify the resistance of a hash function $h$ to a generic collision attack. Motivated by their work, we consider the problem of quantifying the resistance of $h$...
last revised 14 Jun 2010
Journal of Cryptology Table of Contents
Journal of Cryptology Table of Contents This index was compiled by Kevin McCurley. It is not guaranteed to be completely accurate. Please send email to if you find any errors. It was last updated on Monday, July 31, 2000 at...
Some Variations on RSA Signatures and Their Security
Wiebren de Jonge David Chaum
Crypto 1986
A Note on the Ate Pairing
Chang-An Zhao Fangguo Zhang Jiwu Huang
The Ate pairing has been suggested since it can be computed efficiently on ordinary elliptic curves with small values of the traces of Frobenius $t$. However, not all pairing-friendly elliptic curves have this property. In...
last revised 1 Jan 2008
Variations to the cryptographics algorithms AES and TWOFISH
P. Freyre N. Díaz O. Cuellar
The cryptographic algorithms AES and Twofish guarantee a high diffusion by the use of fixed 4x4 MDS matrices. In this article variations to the algorithms AES and Twofish are made. They allow that the process of cipher -...
last revised 28 Mar 2016
Missing a trick: Karatsuba variations
Mike Scott
There are a variety of ways of applying the Karatsuba idea to multi-digit multiplication. These apply particularly well in the context where digits do not use the full word-length of the computer, so that partial products can...
last revised 3 Aug 2016
Equivalent Keys in HFE, C$^*$, and variations
Christopher Wolf Bart Preneel
In this article, we investigate the question of equivalent keys for two $\mathcal{M}$ultivariate $\mathcal{Q}$uadratic public key schemes HFE and C$^{*--}$ and improve over a previously known result, to appear at PKC...
last revised 9 Aug 2005
Eurocrypt '98 Rump Session
Eurocrypt '98 Rump Session Tuesday, June 2, 1998 Chair: Jim Massey Speakers are indicated in bold face . Part I - 10 minute presentations Solitaire zero knowledge V. Niemi and A. Renvall Pseudo random generators with...
Graded Encoding, Variations on a Scheme
Shai Halevi
In this note we provide a more-or-less unified framework to talk about the functionality and security of graded encoding schemes, describe some variations of recent schemes, and discuss their security. In particular we...
last revised 30 Oct 2015
M. H. R. Khouzani
Hash Function Balance and its Impact on Birthday Attacks
Mihir Bellare Tadayoshi Kohno
Textbooks tell us that a birthday attack on a hash function $h$ with range size $r$ requires $r^{1/2}$ trials (hash computations) to find a collision. But this is misleading, being true only if $h$ is regular, meaning all...
last revised 27 Nov 2004
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