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Solving a 676-Bit Discrete Logarithm Problem in $GF(3^{6n})$
Takuya Hayashi Shin'ichiro Matsuo Naoyuki Shinohara Masaaki Shirase Tsuyoshi Takagi Lihua Wang
Pkc 2010
Solving a 676-bit Discrete Logarithm Problem in GF(3^{6n})
Takuya Hayashi Naoyuki Shinohara Lihua Wang Shin'ichiro Matsuo Masaaki Shirase Tsuyoshi Takagi
Pairings on elliptic curves over finite fields are crucial for constructing various cryptographic schemes. The \eta_T pairing on supersingular curves over GF(3^n) is particularly popular since it is efficiently implementable....
last revised 19 Feb 2010
PKC 2010 - Program
Program Call for papers Program Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 12:30 Registration 13:50 Opening 14:00 Encryption I (Session chair: Duong Hieu Phan) Simple and Efficient Public-Key Encryption from Computational Diffie-Hellman in the...
PKC 2010: David Pointcheval and Phong Q. Nguyen (Eds.): Public Key Cryptography - PKC 2010 - PKC 2010, 13th International Conference on Practice and Theory in Public Key Cryptography, Paris, France, May 26-28, 2010...
Breaking pairing-based cryptosystems using $\eta_T$ pairing over $GF(3^{97})$
Takuya Hayashi Takeshi Shimoyama Naoyuki Shinohara Tsuyoshi Takagi
There are many useful cryptographic schemes, such as ID-based encryption, short signature, keyword searchable encryption, attribute-based encryption, functional encryption, that use a bilinear pairing. It is important to...
received 17 Jun 2012
Key Length Estimation of Pairing-based Cryptosystems using $\eta_T$ Pairing
Naoyuki Shinohara Takeshi Shimoyama Takuya Hayashi Tsuyoshi Takagi
The security of pairing-based cryptosystems depends on the difficulty of the discrete logarithm problem (DLP) over certain types of finite fields. One of the most efficient algorithms for computing a pairing is the $\eta_T$...
last revised 18 Jun 2012
Breaking Pairing-Based Cryptosystems Using η T Pairing over GF(397)
Takuya Hayashi Takeshi Shimoyama Naoyuki Shinohara Tsuyoshi Takagi
Asiacrypt 2012
Home | Committee | Call For Papers | Accepted Papers | Program | Rump Session | Registration | Venue | Accommodation Accepted Papers 1. Takaaki Mizuki, Michihito Kumamoto and Hideaki Sone. The Five-Card Trick Can Be Done with...
ASIACRYPT 2012: Xiaoyun Wang and Kazue Sako (Eds.): Advances in Cryptology - ASIACRYPT 2012 - 18th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology and Information Security, Beijing, China, December 2-6,...
Some Efficient Algorithms for the Final Exponentiation of $\eta_T$ Pairing
Masaaki Shirase Tsuyoshi Takagi Eiji Okamoto
Recently Tate pairing and its variations are attracted in cryptography. Their operations consist of a main iteration loop and a final exponentiation. The final exponentiation is necessary for generating a unique value of the...
received 20 Nov 2006
Home | Committee | Call For Papers | Accepted Papers | Program | Rump Session | Registration | Venue | Accommodation Program Technical sessions, lunch and dinner: on the 2nd floor of Beijing International Convention Center....
On Generalized First Fall Degree Assumptions
Yun-Ju Huang Christophe Petit Naoyuki Shinohara Tsuyoshi Takagi
The first fall degree assumption provides a complexity approximation of Gr\"obner basis algorithms when the degree of regularity of a polynomial system cannot be precisely evaluated. Most importantly, this assumption was...
received 21 Apr 2015
Improved Progressive BKZ Algorithms and Their Precise Cost Estimation by Sharp Simulator
Yoshinori Aono Yuntao Wang Takuya Hayashi Tsuyoshi Takagi
Eurocrypt 2016
A Refined Algorithm for the $\eta_T$ Pairing Calculation in Characteristic Three
Jean-Luc Beuchat Masaaki Shirase Tsuyoshi Takagi Eiji Okamoto
We describe further improvements of the $\eta_T$ pairing algorithm in characteristic three. Our approach combines the loop unrolling technique introduced by Granger {\em et. al} for the Duursma-Lee algorithm, and a novel...
last revised 21 Aug 2007
Improving NFS for the discrete logarithm problem in non-prime finite fields
Razvan Barbulescu Pierrick Gaudry Aurore Guillevic François Morain
The aim of this work is to investigate the hardness of the discrete logarithm problem in fields GF($p^n$) where $n$ is a small integer greater than $1$. Though less studied than the small characteristic case or the prime field...
received 8 Jun 2016
Index calculus for abelian varieties and the elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem
Pierrick Gaudry
We propose an index calculus algorithm for the discrete logarithm problem on general abelian varieties. The main difference with the previous approaches is that we do not make use of any embedding into the Jacobian of a...
received 4 Mar 2004
Using Equivalence Classes to Accelerate Solving the Discrete Logarithm Problem in a Short Interval
Steven D. Galbraith Raminder S. Ruprai
Pkc 2010
IACR CHES 2010, External Reviewers
IACR CHES 2010, External Reviewers Manfred Aigner Abdulkadir Akin Toru Akishita Gilles Van Assche Jean-Philippe Aumasson Aydin Aysu Jean-Claude Bajard Selçuk Baktir Brian Baldwin Alessandro Barenghi Timo Bartkewitz Adolf...
Cryptanalysing the Critical Group: Efficiently Solving Biggs's Discrete Logarithm Problem
Simon R. Blackburn
Biggs has recently proposed the critical group of a certain class of finite graphs as a platform group for cryptosystems relying on the difficulty of the discrete log problem. The paper uses techniques from the theory of...
last revised 7 Nov 2008
Solving a Discrete Logarithm Problem with Auxiliary Input on a 160-Bit Elliptic Curve
Yumi Sakemi Goichiro Hanaoka Tetsuya Izu Masahiko Takenaka Masaya Yasuda
Pkc 2012
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