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Marten Trolin


A Stronger Definition for Anonymous Electronic Cash
Marten Trolin
We investigate definitions of security for previously proposed schemes for electronic cash and strengthen them so that the bank does need to be trusted to the same extent. We give an experiment-based definition for our stronger notion and show that they imply security in the framework for Universal Composability. Finally we propose a scheme secure under our definition in the common reference string (CRS) model under the assumption that trapdoor permutations exist. As a tool we define and prove the existence of simulation-sound non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs (NIZK-PK) in the CRS-model under the assumption that a family of trapdoor permutations exists.
A Universally Composable Scheme for Electronic Cash
Marten Trolin
We propose a scheme for electronic cash based on symmetric primitives. The scheme is secure in the framework for universal composability assuming the existence of a symmetric CCA2-secure encryption scheme, a CMA-secure signature scheme, and a family of one-way, collision-free hash functions. In particular, the security proof is not in the random-oracle model. Due to its high efficiency, the scheme is well-suited for devices such as smart-cards and mobile phones. We also show how the proposed scheme can be used as a group signature scheme with one-time keys.
Hierarchical Group Signatures
Marten Trolin Douglas Wikstrom
We introduce the notion of \emph{hierarchical group signatures}. This is a proper generalization of group signatures, which allows multiple group managers organized in a tree with the signers as leaves. For a signer that is a leaf of the subtree of a group manager, the group manager learns which of its children that (perhaps indirectly) manages the signer. We provide definitions for the new notion and construct a scheme that is provably secure given the existence of a family of trapdoor permutations. We also present a construction which is relatively practical, and prove its security in the random oracle model under the strong RSA assumption and the DDH assumption.


Douglas Wikström (1)