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Paper: Scream: a software-efficient stream cipher

Shai Halevi
Don Coppersmith
Charanjit Jutla
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Abstract: We report on the design of Scream, a new software-efficient stream cipher, which was designed to be a ``more secure SEAL''. Following SEAL, the design of Scream resembles in many ways a block-cipher design. The new cipher is roughly as fast as SEAL, but we believe that it offers a significantly higher security level. In the process of designing this cipher, we re-visit the SEAL design paradigm, exhibiting some tradeoffs and limitations.
  title={Scream: a software-efficient stream cipher},
  booktitle={IACR Eprint archive},
  keywords={secret-key cryptography / Stream ciphers, Block ciphers, Round functions, SEAL},
  note={A shorter version appears in the proceedings of FSE'02 11843 received 16 Feb 2002, last revised 5 Jun 2002},
  author={Shai Halevi and Don Coppersmith and Charanjit Jutla},