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Paper: Hierarchical Group Signatures

Marten Trolin
Douglas Wikstrom
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Abstract: We introduce the notion of \emph{hierarchical group signatures}. This is a proper generalization of group signatures, which allows multiple group managers organized in a tree with the signers as leaves. For a signer that is a leaf of the subtree of a group manager, the group manager learns which of its children that (perhaps indirectly) manages the signer. We provide definitions for the new notion and construct a scheme that is provably secure given the existence of a family of trapdoor permutations. We also present a construction which is relatively practical, and prove its security in the random oracle model under the strong RSA assumption and the DDH assumption.
  title={Hierarchical Group Signatures},
  booktitle={IACR Eprint archive},
  keywords={cryptographic protocols / group signatures},
  note={Presented at ICALP 2005. This is the full version. 12881 received 16 Nov 2004, last revised 8 Apr 2005},
  author={Marten Trolin and Douglas Wikstrom},