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Paper: Equivalent Keys in HFE, C$^*$, and variations

Christopher Wolf
Bart Preneel
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Abstract: In this article, we investigate the question of equivalent keys for two $\mathcal{M}$ultivariate $\mathcal{Q}$uadratic public key schemes HFE and C$^{*--}$ and improve over a previously known result, to appear at PKC 2005. Moreover, we show a new non-trivial extension of these results to the classes HFE-, HFEv, HFEv-, and C$^{*--}$, which are cryptographically stronger variants of the original HFE and C$^*$ schemes. In particular, we are able to reduce the size of the private --- and hence the public --- key space by at least one order of magnitude. While the results are of independent interest themselves, we also see applications both in cryptanalysis and in memory efficient implementations.
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