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Paper: Security Arguments for a Class of ID-based Signatures

jin zhou
ya-juan zhang
yue-fei zhu
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Abstract: Provable security based on complexity theory provides an efficient way for providing the convincing evidences of security. In this paper, we present a definition of generic ID-based signature schemes (GIBSS) by extending the definition of generic signature schemes, and prove the Forking lemma for GIBSS. That is, we provide the Forking lemma for ID-based signature schemes. The theoretical result can be viewed as an extension of the Forking Lemma due to Pointcheval and Stern for ID-based signature schemes, and can help to understand and simplify the security proofs. Then we propose a new and efficient ID-based signature scheme built upon bilinear maps. We prove its security under k-CAA computational assumption in the random oracle model.
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