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International Association
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Paper: Formal Certification of Code-Based Cryptographic Proofs

G. Barthe
Benjamin Grégoire
R. Janvier
S. Zanella Béguelin
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Abstract: As cryptographic proofs have become essentially unverifiable, cryptographers have argued in favor of systematically structuring proofs as sequences of games. Code-based techniques form an instance of this approach that takes a code-centric view of games, and that relies on programming language theory to justify steps in the proof-transitions between games. While these techniques contribute to increase confidence in the security of cryptographic systems, code-based proofs involve such a large palette of concepts from different fields that machine-verified proofs seem necessary to achieve the highest degree of confidence. Indeed, Halevi has convincingly argued that a tool assisting in the construction and verification of proofs is necessary to solve the crisis with cryptographic proofs. This article reports a first step towards the completion of Halevi's programme through the implementation of a fully formalized framework, CertiCrypt, for code-based proofs built on top of the Coq proof assistant. The framework has been used to yield machine-checked proofs of the PRP/PRF switching lemma and semantic security of ElGamal and OAEP encryption schemes.
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