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Paper: Multi-Party Indirect Indexing and Applications

Matthew Franklin
Mark Gondree
Payman Mohassel
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Abstract: We develop a new multi-party generalization of Naor-Nissim indirect indexing, making it possible for many participants to simulate a RAM machine with only poly-logarithmic blow-up. Our most efficient instantiation (built from length-flexible additively homomorphic public key encryption) improves the communication complexity of secure multi-party computation for a number of problems in the literature. Underlying our approach is a new multi-party variant of oblivious transfer which may be of independent interest.
  title={Multi-Party Indirect Indexing and Applications},
  booktitle={IACR Eprint archive},
  keywords={communication complexity, oblivious RAM machine, privacy-preserving protocols, secure multiparty computation},
  note={This is the full version of an article to appear at Asiacrypt 2007. 13754 received 29 Aug 2007},
  author={Matthew Franklin and Mark Gondree and Payman Mohassel},