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Paper: On compressible pairings and their computation

Michael Naehrig
Paulo S. L. M. Barreto
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Abstract: In this paper we provide explicit formulae to compute bilinear pairings in compressed form, and indicate families of curves where particularly generalised versions of the Eta and Ate pairings due to Zhao \emph{et al.} are especially efficient. With the new formulae it is possible to entirely avoid $\F_{p^k}$ arithmetic during pairing computation on elliptic curves over $\F_p$ with even embedding degree $k$. Using our new method all intermediate results in the Miller loop are represented by just one $\F_{p^{k/2}}$ element and manipulated in compressed form. For certain families of ordinary curves with embedding degree $k = 6m$ all arithmetic can be done in a subfield of size $p^m$ and the representation can be further compressed to two $\F_{p^m}$ elements.
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