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Paper: Comparing Implementation Efficiency of Ordinary and Squared Pairings

Christine Abegail Antonio
Tanaka Satoru
Ken Nakamula
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Abstract: In this paper, we will implement a standard probabilistic method of computing bilinear pairings. We will compare its performance to a deterministic algorithm introduced in [5] to compute the squared Tate/Weil pairings which are claimed to be 20 percent faster than the standard method. All pairings will be evaluated over pairing-friendly ordinary elliptic curves of embedding degrees 8 and 10 and a supersingular curve of embedding degree 6. For these curves, we can make the algorithm to compute both the ordinary Weil and Tate pairings deterministic and optimizations to improve the algorithms are applied. We will show that the evaluation of squared Weil pairing is, indeed, faster than the ordinary Weil pairing even with optimizations. However, evaluation of the squared Tate pairing is not faster than the ordinary Tate pairing over the curves that we used when optimizations are applied.
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