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Paper: An Efficient ID-based Ring Signature Scheme from Pairings

Chunxiang Gu
Yuefei Zhu
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Abstract: A ring signature allows a user from a set of possible signers to convince the verifier that the author of the signature belongs to the set but identity of the author is not disclosed. It protects the anonymity of a signer since the verifier knows only that the signature comes from a member of a ring, but doesn't know exactly who the signer is. This paper proposes a new ID-based ring signature scheme based on the bilinear pairings. The new scheme provides signatures with constant-size without counting the list of identities to be included in the ring. When using elliptic curve groups of order 160 bit prime, our ring signature size is only about 61 bytes. There is no pairing operation involved in the ring sign procedure, and there are only three paring operations involved in the verification procedure. So our scheme is more efficient compared to schemes previously proposed. The new scheme can be proved secure with the hardness assumption of the k-Bilinear Diffie-Hellman Inverse problem, in the random oracle model.
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