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Paper: Slid Pairs in Salsa20 and Trivium

Deike Priemuth-Schmid
Alex Biryukov
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Abstract: The stream ciphers Salsa20 and Trivium are two of the finalists of the eSTREAM project which are in the final portfolio of new promising stream ciphers. In this paper we show that initialization and key-stream generation of these ciphers is {\em slidable}, i.e. one can find distinct (Key, IV) pairs that produce identical (or closely related) key-streams. There are $2^{256}$ and more then $2^{39}$ such pairs in Salsa20 and Trivium respectively. We write out and solve the non-linear equations which describe such related (Key, IV) pairs. This allows us to sample the space of such related pairs efficiently as well as detect such pairs in large portions of key-stream very efficiently. We show that Salsa20 does not have 256-bit security if one considers general birthday and related key distinguishing and key-recovery attacks.
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