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Paper: A New Construction of Time Capsule Signature

Miaomiao Zhang
Gongliang Chen
Jianhua Li
Licheng Wang
Haifeng Qian
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Abstract: In this paper we introduce a new approach of constructing time capsule signature. Our new construction captures the basic requirements defined by dodis \emph{et al.}, and it is also very straightforward and flexible. The time capsule signature provides an elegant way to produce a ``future signature" that becomes valid from a specific future time $t$, when a trusted third party (called \textit{Time Server}) publishes some trapdoor information associated with the time $t$. It also has many other advantages. Our work includes a developed security model of time capsule signature, a novel way of construction based on the bipartite ring signature, which is proven secure in the random oracle model and a concrete realization of the scheme.
  title={A New Construction of Time Capsule Signature},
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  keywords={public-key cryptography / digital signature, time capsule, ring signature, provable security},
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  author={Miaomiao Zhang and Gongliang Chen and Jianhua Li and Licheng Wang and Haifeng Qian},