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Paper: Cryptanalysis of 4-Pass HAVAL

Zhangyi Wang
Huanguo Zhang
Zhongping Qin
Qingshu Meng
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Abstract: HAVAL is a cryptographic hash function proposed by Zheng et al. Rompay et al and Wang et al found collisions of full 3-Pass HAVAL. In this paper, we study the security of 4-Pass HAVAL. We find collisions of full versions of 4-Pass HAVAL. The attack is similar to the two-block attack of MD5 proposed by Wang et al. The computational complexity of the attack is about 2^30-2^32 for the first block and 2^27-2^29 for the second block. We use this attack to find 256bit collisions of 4-Pass HAVAL in 3-4 hour on a common PC.
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