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Paper: Efficient Implementation of Tate Pairing on a Mobile Phone using Java

Yuto Kawahara
Tsuyoshi Takagi
Eiji Okamoto
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Abstract: Pairing-based cryptosystems (PBC) have been attracted by researchers in cryptography. Some implementations show that PBC are relatively slower than the standard public key cryptosystems. We present an efficient implementation for computing Tate pairing on a mobile phone using Java. We implemented the $\eta_T$ pairing (a recent efficient variation of Duursma-Lee algorithm) over some finite fields of characteristic 3 with extension degree $m= \{ 97, 167, 193, 239 \}$. Our optimized implementation for $m=97$ achieved about 0.5 seconds for computing Tate pairing over FOMA SH901iS, NTT DoCoMo. Then our implementation of Tate pairing is compared in the same platform with other Java program of the standard cryptosystems, i.e., RSA cryptosystem and elliptic curve cryptosystem (ECC). The computation speed of Tate pairing is comparable to that of RSA or ECC on the same mobile device.
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