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Paper: Robust RFID Authentication Protocol with Formal Proof and Its Feasibility

Miyako Ohkubo
Shin'ichiro Matsuo
Yoshikazu Hanatani
Kazuo Sakiyama
Kazuo Ohta
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Abstract: The proloferation of RFID tags enhances everyday activities, such as by letting us reference the price, origin and circulation route of specific goods. On the other hand, this lecel of traceability gives rise to new privacy issues and the topic of developing cryptographic protocols for RFID- tags is garnering much attention. A large amount of research has been conducted in this area. In this paper, we reconsider the security model of RFID- authentication with a man-in-the-middle adversary and communication fault. We define model and security proofs via a game-based approach makes our security models compatible with formal security analysis tools. We show that an RFID authentication protocol is robust against the above attacks, and then provide game-based (hand-written) proofs and their erification by using CryptoVerif.
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