Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting Crypto 2005

Date: Sunday, 14 August 2005
Time: 10:00am - after lunch
Place: Flying A Room - UCEN

A light meal is planned for the meeting. Proposed time for each item is in (parentheses).

Note John Black will not be attending the meeting - his actions will be taken by his designate Jim Hughes.

Opening Matters


Arriving later

Welcome participants - identification of proxies (Clark) (5)

Opened by Any at 10am. Encouraged everyone to make the best use of time.

Proxies at the meeting

Review and approve agenda (All) (5)

Additions to the agenda

Clarification of voting status in BoD meetings (Clark) (5)

Andy discussed the proposed changes to the bylaws. The single substantive change was the request by Arjen that only elected board members can vote on the program chair. Andy suggested that the totality of bylaw changes be presented to the members as a single question.

A vote of the proposed bylaws be sent to the election committee, Proposed by Andy, Seconded by Arjen, 6 in favor, 0 against, 10 abstain.

Review of Actions from last meeting * (Hughes/Clark) (5)

Andy reviewed open action items.

Matters arising from last meeting (Hughes/Clark) (10)


Previously discussed changes to bylaws (Clark) (10)

Previously accomplished.

Crypto 2005 status (Haber) (5)

This is the 25th anniversary of Crypto. Stuart, 359 registrations, break even was at 360. Visa problems have arisen, several from China and Egypt. Action: report from Stuart will be provided. Note in the next newsletter. We will take an action item for Andy to write a letter to "improve the likelihood that our members can come to our meetings".

Officer's Reports

Treasurer (Handschuh) (5)

Helena reported: No significant events.

Appointees Reports

Newsletter (Hughes) (5)

Hughes: The next newsletter will be sent soon. Action Jim coordinate the archive of previous conferences. Newsletter should include JoC index.

JoC Editor in Chief (Clark obo Maurer) (5)

Report from Uli was read into the record. Increased the page budget, helping reduce the delay. Guidance to the membership to download the papers is good.

Membership Secretary ** (McCurley/Clark) (10)

Kevin: UCSB agreement is in the process of being negotiated. Conference registration process is continuing to evolve.


Membership Secretary (Clark) (10)

Andy: Asked the board to help find candidates for the membership secretary. Technical skills of the new membership include PHP, MySQL database, FreeBSD backups, scheme, etc. General skills are good communication skills and responsive to short notice.

Operational Issues

Formalisation of inviting representatives of the Asiacrypt, FSE,PKC and CHES steering committee to the BoD meetings (Clark) (5)

Andy: will be invited as non-voting observer to attend the BoD meetings

Asiacrypt 2005 Program Committee Issues/PC Chair selection criteria (Clark) (30)

Andy led a discussion regarding determining if improvements can be accomplished in the PC guidelines. Action to Arjen to update the PC chair guidelines. Our existing guideline that recommendations for future PC chairs be on previous and subsequent PCs in at least an advisory role will be communicated to new PC chairs when notified.

Internal Committee Reports

Fellows Committee (Damgaard) (2)

Ivan: Mike Weiner will be the new chair of the Fellows Committee. Should we rotate the presentation of the plaques at the other conferences?

Election Committee (Berson, Benaloh, Lenstra) (5)

Berson: report received. The election will be three directors and the bylaws change. Mailed Oct 1, return Nov 15th.

External Committee Reports

Asiacrypt steering committee (already discussed at Eurocrypt) (0)
PKC Steering Committee (already discussed at Eurocrypt) (0)
FSE Steering Committee (already discussed at Eurocrypt) (0)
CHES Steering Committee (already discussed at Eurocrypt) (0)

Conferences/Workshops (since last BoD Meeting)

Eurocrypt 2005 (Damgaard) (5)

Ivan: Went well, 316 full registrations, 67 students. $22k surplus (half of the benefit was currency fluctuations).

Forthcoming Conferences

Asiacrypt 2005 (Pandu Rangan) (15)

Pandu: 237 papers submitted, 37 accepted. Additional hotels will be added. Registration is expected to open September 1st. Pandu will work with Kevin setting up the we page. Members should apply for visas early.

Eurocrypt 2006 (Lebedev) (10)

Lebedev: Eurocrypt will be May 28 through June 1. Break even is 300 participants. Hotel and meeting room are decided. Visas must be done early. Need newsletter statement.

Crypto 2006 (Benaloh) (5)

Benaloh: On Track for another successful conference

Asiacrypt 2006 (Pei) (10)

Nothing received. Action Pei - provide an update to the board for the Asiacrypt 2006 status

Forthcoming Workshops

CHES 2005 (Quisquater) (2)

JJQ: In 2 weeks, on track, >200 registrations 108 papers, 32 accepted. 3 invited talks, Best paper awards. 5 sponsors.

CHES 2006 (Quisquater) (2)

JJQ: Nothing new. Next Steering committee will be in 2 weeks. Location and general chair are fixed. Action JJQ to send the proposal to the Andy. Matsumoto and Kevin will get together about what registration system to use.

FSE 2006 (Preneel) (2)

Bart: On track. Will use IACR registration.

PKC 2006 (?) (5)

Cramer: On track. Action Jim Visa in newsletter.

PKC 2007 (?) (5)

Cramer: Discussions in process.

Conference Proposals

Asiacrypt 2007 (Phan) (15) - note Raphael expects to arrive SBA at 14:30

Phan: The finances and location were discussed. The vote was taken, 19 for, 0 against, 0 abstain.

Conference Chairs

Program and General Chair List Maintenance (Hughes) (5)

Several names were added.

Eurocrypt 2007 General Chair

Andy led the discussion.

Crypto 2007 Program Chair

Andy led the discussion. Alfred Menezes later accepted to serve as Program Chair

Asiacrypt 2007 Program Chair

Andy led the discussion.

Other Business

Distinguished Lecturer Eurocrypt 2007 (Clark) (10)

Andy led the discussion.

Paper Acceptance Issues/Parallel Sessions (Clark) (30)

Andy: The question has been raised on the number of papers that are accepted, and we will drive out people. The issue was openly discussed. The result is to reiterate that the program chair already has the flexibility to consider methods to increase paper acceptance to other conference formats.

TCC Proposal (Damgaard) (20)

Damgaard: The proposal was brought forward to sponsor TCC as an IACR Workshop is 2006 (or later) in the same arrangement as the other IACR workshops. An issue is that TCC has submissions that are not anonymous. The standard of the work at these workshops is excellent and would be a value to the IACR membership.

Action Andy - Add discussion of the terminology of "workshop" and "conference" to the sponsored events.

Josh proposes the inclusion of TCC as an IACR sponsored workshop as of 2006 provided a budget is approved by the board Sept 15th. If no budget is approved, they will be an IACR workshop for 2007 and beyond. Stewart seconds. Motion passed 13 for, 0 against, 6 abstain.

Archive - draft plan for putting material online (Orman) (15)

Andy: the goal is that by the end of this year, all IACR proceedings (Journal, Conference, and Workshop) as a member of IACR. We should put up what we can that is between 1998 and 2002.

Hillary: We do have the tex, ps and pdf of the submissions of many of the workshops. Some recent workshops are not sending the papers.

Action: Arjen update the program chair guidelines for a closeout document.

Action: Andy to ask SV to send final copies of papers to archive@iacr.org

Closing Matters

Draft agenda for general meeting of members (all) (10)

Andy: discussed the issues.

Review of action items


Closed at 16:51pm