IACR 2000 Elections: Detailed Results

As Returning Officer for the 2000 Board of Directors Election, I report the
following results:

304 ballots were submitted, of these:

The senders of 57 could not be validated, either because there was no name
printed on the envelope or because the name/signature was unreadable - these
ballots were not counted;
1 arrived after the deadline (also postmarked after the deadline) - this
ballot was not counted;
The remaining 246 valid submissions were counted.  The votes allocated as

Berson 172
Desmedt 94
Fernandes 16
Kilian 75
Knudsen 149
Matsumoto 90
Orman 41
Rose 42

I declare Messrs. Berson, Desmedt and Knudsen duly elected to the IACR Board
for the term 1 January 2001 to 31 December 2003.

All those standing for election have been advised of the result by email.

The count was witnessed by Vince Gallo (IACR Member Ref 910062).
All papers will remain in my possession until 31 December in case of query.

Andy Clark