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IACR Election 2001 Candidates' Statements

Election is being held for IACR President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three (3) Directors. Those elected will serve from 1 January 2002.

Ballot materials were sent by post from California to every member on 1 October 2001. Completed ballots must be received by the Returning Officer no later than 14 DECEMBER 2001. (This is the extended deadline.)

Names on the ballot are presented in a shuffled order. Candidates' statements (in the same order) may be found on this page. Links, if any, to [Home Page] and [Longer Statement] are those provided by each candidate.

---------- Candidates for President ---------

Andrew Clark: I have served on the Board of I.A.C.R. for the past nine years, six as Vice-President. I can serve the membership well if elected as President through my proven track record and commitment to new ideas like electronic publishing and online registration for conferences. Read my full statement at
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Donald Beaver: As researcher, director, and previous conference chair, I see pressing challenges. Our thousand-strong organization requires revised logistical management. The flagship conferences must maintain a cohesive view of our maturing field, with specialized workshops supporting growth. We must handle chilling effects of political developments on basic research without compromising diverse viewpoints.
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---------- Candidate for Vice President ---------

Bart Preneel: I am a member since 1989 and a Director since 1997. I will contribute my experience to further the goals of the IACR. We should focus on:

  1. scientific quality of conferences and publications,
  2. enhancing international participation and integration of workshops,
  3. making further progress in electronic publishing,
  4. protecting free research in cryptology.
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---------- Candidate for Secretary ---------

Josh Benaloh: I have had the privilege and pleasure of serving as IACR Secretary since January 1999 and seek the opportunity to continue serving in that role at a time when many IACR Officers and Directors will be changing. For details on my research and service, please see
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---------- Candidate for Treasurer ---------

Susan Langford: I have appreciated the opportunity to serve as treasurer. If elected, I will continue the long-standing policy of being fiscally conservative, while fully supporting the IACR's mission. I hope you will give me the opportunity to continue to serve the community. Thank you.
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---------- Candidates for Director ---------

Eli Biham: I will continue to support enhancing the IACR publications, including electronic publishing, conferences and workshops, and easing entry of young researchers to cryptology.
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Yuliang Zheng: Having worked in Asia, Australia and the US, as well as being a co-founder of the PKC workshop, I have experience in working very well with colleagues from different backgrounds. If elected, I will endeavor to promote collaboration among researchers from all parts of the world.
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Tsutomu Matsumoto: If elected, I would like to do my best to keep the academic integrity of cryptologic research. My experience as a member of the Asiacrypt Steering Committee and as the general chair of ASIACRYPT 2000, the first IACR sponsored Asiacrypt conference, will be useful for our community.
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Kevin McCurley: I have served on the board since 1989, as General Chair, Treasurer, and President. The priorities I see for IACR include:

  • maintaining quality in our activities,
  • electronic publishing,
  • continued student support,
  • promoting the intellectual freedom and vitality of the international research community,
  • electronic registration, submissions, and refereeing.
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David M. Balenson: As the Crypto 2001 General Chair I had the pleasure of serving on the IACR Board of Directors. I wish to continue my service to the cryptologic community, focusing my efforts on other important issues, including stronger involvement of the membership, online registration, electronic publishing, and increased support for conferences.
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Alain Hiltgen: As a regular attendant to IACR conferences, I am perfectly aware of the broad increase in public recognition the field experienced over the last few years. If elected, I would best serve towards assuring continuity in this regard.
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