2004 IACR Election Candidates

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Andy J Clark

I am proud of what the Board has achieved in my first term as President and wish to serve for one final three-year term to see those key initiatives with which I have been involved come to fruition including online services, electronic publishing and the I.A.C.R. archive

Vice President

Bart Preneel

I have served on the IACR Board for the past eight years, the last three as Vice-President.
We should focus on:
- scientific quality of conferences and publications,
- making further progress in electronic publishing,
- enhancing international and student participation,
- electronic information processing within the organization,
- protecting free research in cryptology.


John R Black

As an officer of the IACR I would strive to uphold the high standards of the association and its commitment to research and service for our members, as well as working toward maintaining and enhancing the quality of our conferences and workshops.


Helena Handschuh

In order to sustain the scientific excellence of our cryptographic community, if elected as treasurer, I will devote my energy to keep up world-class crypto conferences and workshops: through a crystal-clear and rigorous budget management I will maintain the financial well being of the IACR.
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Tal Rabin

The IACR board operates on a voluntary basis and I would like to contribute. I have published papers and served on program committees, and I believe it's time to do more. If elected, I will focus on maintaining high standards of publications and paying attention to the needs of students.
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Christian Cachin

During my past 6-year term as Newsletter Editor and webmaster, I also created the Cryptology ePrint Archive, served on five IACR program committees, and was Program Chair of Eurocrypt 2004. I want IACR to maintain the focus on high-quality research, move to online services, and expand our global membership.

Ronald Cramer

We must continue attracting talented young international researchers from various technical backgrounds  to secure an academic future for cryptology as bright as past and present.
Joint endeavors through IACR: sponsored student-level workshops, regional chapters promoting our field and its challenges, stimulate central availability of top-quality lecture notes.
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Jerzy Gawinecki

In 2003 I was the General Chair of EUROCRYPT 2003, which took place in Poland in Warsaw. If elected, I will continue to do my best to keep the academic techning in Poland, and I will promote the cryptology in East Europe. I will select young students and scientifics and help them evolve in the field of cryptology.

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Tsutomu Matsumoto

If elected again, I will continue to do my best to keep the academic integrity of cryptologic research, since my experiences, as a founding member of the Asiacrypt Steering Committee and as the general chair of the first IACR sponsored Asiacrypt conference, must be useful for our community.

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Yvo Desmedt

Being a member and researcher since IACR's birth, having been a director, and program chair (Crypto '94 and PKC 2003), living in Europe, having lived in North-America for 17 years and visited Australasia (16 months total), I am able to represent the IACR members well.