IACR 2004 Elections: Detailed Results

Here are the results.

Returning officer: Jean-Jacques Quisquater,
Julie Lescut, Philippe Francois, Philippe Leglise, Philippe Bulens
(PhD students at UCL),

Received ballots (on time): 250
Valid ballots             : 243

Andy Clark as President receives 225 votes,
Bart Preneel as Vice-president receives 228 votes,
John Black as Secretary receives 218 votes,
Helena Handschuh as Treasurer receives 219 votes.

Votes for Directors (3 positions):

  Tal Rabin:          87 votes,
*Christian Cachin:  182 votes,
*Ronald Cramer:     133 votes,
  Jerzy Gawinecki:    45 votes,
*Tsutomu Matsumoto: 115 votes,
  Yvo Desmedt:       112 votes.

Congratulations to Andy, Bart, John, Helena, Christian, Ronald and
Tsutomu. Thanks to Tal, Jerzy and Yvo.

Everything was counted twice by different persons: only one error
was found and corrected.

Best regards,

Jean-Jacques Quisquater