IACR 2006 Elections: Detailed Results

From: james hughes 
To: Board of Directors 
Subject: Informal Election results
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2006 19:08:51 -0800
Sender: James.Hughes@Sun.COM

Here find below the results of the election.

Policy Change

216    For Anonymity Policy       <-----------
83     For PC chair option
25     Abstain (voted for directors but not for the policy)


147     Tom Berson                <-----------
139     Serge Vaudenay            <-----------
133     Arjen Lenstra             <-----------
119     Lars Knudsen
103     David Naccache
99      Anna Lysyanskaya
89      Josh Benaloh
50      Jovan Golic

There were no spoiled ballots. The number of votes is significantly  
higher than last year (324 vs 244 respectively)

Returns were processed by
Jim Hughes
Lonee Hoffman (witness)
Kate Heinlen (witness) 

We have retained the ballots in a secure location and are happy to  
answer any questions about the details of the counting process.