IACR 2015 Election


The 2015 election was held to fill three of nine IACR Director positions. 437 ballots were cast (30.1% of 1449 eligible voters). The results are below, with elected directors marked in bold : Election verification data can be found at https://vote.heliosvoting.org/helios/e/IACR2015 .

Candidates for Election in 2015

The following candidates for three IACR Director positions are listed in a randomly selected order.

Jon Callas
I have been a member of the IACR since 1998. I have been on the board of other scientific organizations and would like the opportunity to give back to the group that taught me and nurtured me best in my career in cryptography.
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Alexandra Boldyreva
I've been an IACR member since 1999, and served as the General Chair of Crypto 2014. I am currently serving on the IACR Cryptology School committee and as the ePrint co-editor. I would like to continue helping the IACR to effectively promote high-quality research and support diversity of its members.
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Michel Abdalla
After 3 years as director, in which I helped create the IACR school program, I seek again the opportunity to continue serving the community as an IACR director. If reelected, I’ll continue to help improve existing services provided by IACR, other new services, and promote worldwide dissemination of cryptologic research.
Hilarie Orman
I hope to use the responsibility of a voting position to bolster and leverage the IACR's unique prestige in cryptography research and excellent financial stewardship to obtain publishing agreements that continue to make our research widely available. I'm familiar with the board's activities through my 15 years as archivist.
Phillip Rogaway
I’d like to see a more eclectic community, one where cryptographic practice is not marginalized and where privacy concerns animate the work more of us do. I like seeing attention paid to our serving the public welfare, the third and least prominent piece of the IACR’s self-declared mission.
Anna Lysyanskaya
I felt very honored to be elected three years ago, and I hope to continue to serve the cryptographic community. Just as before, my priorities are: (1) High quality research and its effective dissemination, (2) mentoring, (3) dialogue with related research communities, industry, standards and funding agencies.

Election Information

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