International Association for Cryptologic Research

IACR 2016 Election


The 2016 election was held to fill three of nine IACR Director positions and all four Officer positions. 522 ballots were cast (34.7% of 1505 eligible voters). The results are below, with elected candidates marked in bold:

  • Christian Cachin: 467
Vice President:
  • Greg Rose: 457
  • Brian LaMacchia: 460
  • Joppe Bos: 337
  • Jacob Schuldt: 258
  • Bart Preneel: 314
  • Shai Halevi: 278
  • Francois-Xavier Standaert: 246
  • Trancrède Lepoint: 214
  • Sasha Boldyreva: 206
  • Martijn Stam: 198
  • Pierre-Alain Fouque: 187
  • Svetla Nikova: 151
  • Vladimir Kolesnikov: 105
Election verification data can be found at

Candidates for Election in 2016

The four officers of the IACR for the period 2017 to 2019 are to be elected in the 2016 election. The candidates are as follows


    Christian Cachin
    I have served the IACR since 1998 as Webmaster, creator of the Cryptology ePrint Archive, conference chair, Director, Vice President, and President. IACR should continue to lead research in cryptology, promote scientific work in this exciting field, further evolve its publication model, and continue to provide valuable services for its members.



    Brian LaMacchia
    As General Chair of Crypto 2016 I have served on the Board of Directors for the past two years and I would like to continue contributing to the organization as its next Treasurer. My goal is to help the IACR grow and to manage its resources in a fiscally-responsible manner.



In addition the following candidates for three IACR Director positions are listed in a randomly selected order.

    Alexandra (Sasha) Boldyreva
    I've been an IACR member since 1999, and I served as General Chair of Crypto 2014. I currently serve as the ePrint co-editor and on the IACR Cryptology School committee. I love my research community and want to continue helping it promote quality research and the diversity of its members.
    Bart Preneel
    I have served the IACR since 1997 as director, vice-president and president. I would like to contribute my experience to further develop the IACR, with as key points maintaining scientific quality, open availability of scientific results, supporting students and exploring how our publications and events can be gradually improved.
    Shai Halevi
    As a director of the IACR, I will strive to ensure that we maintain our vibrant research culture and high quality publications, even as we explore new models for our venues and publications. I will also work to enhance the services that the IACR offers to the cryptology research community.
    Svetla Nikova
    I've been an IACR member since 2000, have served in PCs of IACR conferences and was General Chair of Eurocrypt 2015. I'm currently serving in the IACR Cryptology School Committee. I will work hard to actively promote research in cryptography, to support open access publication models and diversity.
    Martijn Stam
    The IACR is a relatively stable organization, yet the field of cryptology has grown tremendously since its inception over 30 years ago. If elected, I would endeavour both to promote the internal cohesion of our community and to reach out to other crypto-minded people currently operating outside the IACR's umbrella.
    • Longer statement: none given
    • Candidate home page: none given
    Pierre-Alain Fouque
    I've been an IACR member since 1999 and served in many committees, including PKC 2010 as the General co-Chair. I would like to continue helping the IACR to promote high-quality research and support relations with security and applied cryptography communities.
    Tancrède Lepoint
    As your IACR board member, there are three initiatives that I will undertake. (1) help modernize the online services that IACR provides (font- and back-end); (2) foster fruitful relations among our theoretical & practical researchers, industry & standards; (3) further develop the open and international dissemination of our results.
    Francois-Xavier Standaert
    I enjoyed being active as an IACR attendee, author, PC member and PC chair for more than 15 years, with a particular interest for the inter-disciplinary exchanges our community allows. I am committed to help maintaining the association's high quality standards, and to further promote collaboration between our different subfields.
    Vladimir Kolesnikov
    I have been a member of the IACR for about 15 years. The work of the Association has brought many benefits to its members and to science and engineering. I would like to contribute my energy and experience to the IACR and the community by serving as a Director.