IACR 1997 Election Results


Ten candidates stood for the three open positions of Director. The three candidates with the highest number of votes were elected. These new directors are:
Tom Berson
Tatsuaki Okamoto
Paul van Oorschot
Their terms will expire on 31 December 2000.


On the question of approval of revisions to the IACR Byelaws, the following votes were cast:

Approve 232
Do not approve 32
Obstain 9

Therefore the revision is APPROVED.

NOTES: 310 ballots were cast. Of these, 37 ballots were spoiled because they could not be authenticated as coming from a member.

We declare the above information to be true and correct.

Ueli Maurer, Returning Officer, 17 November 1997
Reto Kohlas, Witness
Matthias Fitzi, Witness