IACR 1999 Election Results -- Details

As returning officer of this years election, I can report the following

We received 267 ballots in total, of which 50 were invalid due to lack
of signature on the outer envelope.

Of the opened ballots 1 was invalid 

For the remeining 216 valid ballots, the result is as follows:

Gilles Brassard: 64
Kwangjo Kim: 76
Ueli Maurer: 169
Bart Preneel: 164
Jean-Jacques Quisquater: 47
Serge Vaudenay: 70

which means that Ueli Maurer, Bart Preneel and Kwangjo Kim have been

The ballot counting was handled by my secretary and her daughter (18
years old - the daughter, that is). All relevant material - including
signed envelopes and unopened envelopes - has been archived for possible

Peter Landrock

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