International Association for Cryptologic Research

International Association
for Cryptologic Research

2014 IACR Fellows

headshot of Ran Canetti, 2014 IACR fellow
Ran Canetti

For numerous contributions to the foundations of cryptography, most importantly his introduction and development of the Universal Composability Framework.

headshot of Antoine Joux, 2014 IACR fellow
Antoine Joux

For contributions to the science of cryptology, the co-invention of Pairing-Based Cryptography, and outstanding work on cryptanalysis of hash functions and discrete logarithms.

headshot of Eyal Kushilevitz, 2014 IACR fellow
Eyal Kushilevitz

For fundamental contributions to cryptography, and sustained educational leadership.

headshot of Moti Yung, 2014 IACR fellow
Moti Yung

For fundamental and innovative contributions to cryptography and its application to the security and privacy of real world systems.