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Telecom ParisTech and Telecom SudParis (campus of Saclay, Paris area)
In a joined project Telecom ParisTech and Telecom SudParis are proposing a 1 year renewable PostDoc on the topic hereunder.

Blockchain, security and privacy issues

The first 6 months consist in delivering a state of the art, plus refining on research objectives. Here are three examples of further specific topics:

A. Anonymization and micropayment channels

Such transactions appear only in a consolidated form in the blockchain. They can be managed by smart contracts, or payment providers, which have a privileged view on these transactions. A point of interest is anonymization and description of possible attacks on anonymity. A long term goal could be designing tools for monitoring and de-anonymisation.

B. Security analysis of the network layer of blockchain

The underlying network of can leak information on the identity of the users/participants. Such analysis was done on the Bitcoin network, but cannot be generalized. The research would consist in selecting another relevant example then analyzing in depth availability / performance / anonymization. Possible tools are tomography of networks, topology analysis or e.g. addresses links.

C. Fully anonymous blockchains

Contrary to Bitcoin [ACM18], Zcash and Monero enable fully anonymous paiments [OM18]. Ethereum on its side makes possible multiparty pooling of transactions [Meiklejohn & Mercer PETS18]. It could be interesting to quantify the practical usage and weaknesses of these tools [Usx18]. Getting used to monitoring tools will be usefull, as well as technological watch (including social media: reddit, discord, medium, telegram or blogs).

[ACM18] S. Meiklejohn and al. A Fistful of Bitcoins: Characterizing Payments Among Men with No Names. Communications ACM.

[OM18] C Orlandi and S Meiklejohn. QuisQuis: A New Design for Anonymous Cryptocurrencies.

[Usx18] G. Kappos and al. An Empirical Analysis of Anonymity in Zcash. 27th USENIX Security Symposium.

Contact: Please send your resume and/or questions to Gerard Memmi : gerard.memmi \'at\'
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