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PhD Studentship
Cardiff University, UK
"Monitoring Critical Infrastructure Situational Awareness" - This PhD project aims to develop novel techniques that can be embedded into a tool for improving the situational awareness around cyber incidents in an industrial context (physical and cyber operations) of critical national infrastructure (CNI) by applying intuitive intelligence and incident detection and response. The practical objectives of the work include threat modelling, creation of cyber incident metrics, system and log file analysis, and development of techniques and a tool. The research questions include: (i) what can we learn about the nature of cyber-attacks? (ii) can we detect cyber-incidents in real-time?, and (iii) can we measure the impact of risks and attacks on the system to improve situational awareness? The student will have the opportunity to be a part of the Cyber Security Research Group at Cardiff University and contribute to high-quality research. The student will also spend time at Toshiba Research Laboratory, Bristol and will work on control system and IoT security within the given context. This academic and industrial research synthesis makes this project ideal for the cutting-edge research work. Indicative Deliverable: • Surveys on risk, impact and state of the art: CNI situational awareness • Threat modelling and implementation • Creation of cyber incident metrics and analysis • Development of detection and monitoring techniques and integration into a tool • Testing of the security solution(s) • Academic technical publications For application process please follow here: START DATE: 2 January 2020 (may be extended to 1 April 2020, if no offer is made)
Contact: Dr Neetesh Saxena
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