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Postdoc in applied cryptology at the University of Bergen
University of Bergen
We are looking for postdoctoral researchers with an excellent track record in one of the following fields of applied cryptography:

  • symmetric-key cryptology such as block ciphers, stream ciphers, hash functions, message authentication codes, authenticated encryption schemes, etc.
  • post-quantum cryptology
  • cryptology for emerging technologies such as IoT and public ledger/blockchain
  • side-channel analysis, whitebox cryptography, countermeasures
  • implementation aspects of cryptography in software or hardware
  • provable security of symmetric cryptographic primitives and modes of operation
The appointment is for 3 years with a flexible starting date in 2020. We offer a competitive salary, a team of other postdocs as well as PhD students within the field to work with, a dynamic and highly international work environment as well as possibilities to conduct top-notch research in any subdomain of applied cryptology.

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Contact: Prof. Andrey Bogdanov,
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