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Ph. D student in Post-Quantum Cryptography
ISAE SUPAERO, Toulouse, France

In late 2016, NIST issued a call for proposals for the standardization of cryptographic systems resistant to a quantum computer for encryption, key exchange and signature primitives (hereafter NIST PQC). The standardization process is currently ending its second phase, with only 26 candidates remaining.

Each submission comes with a software implementation, targeting standard security levels for widespread applications, such as e-commerce.

Topic 1: General improvement of post-quantum primitives

During this thesis, the successful candidate will study the NIST PQC submissions still running for standardization and will propose modifications that improve the submissions in general (e.g. tighter reductions, improved theoretical error rate analysis, etc.), or that provide specific advantages in constrained settings (e.g. soft/hard implementation simplicity, reduced bandwidth, reduced latency, etc.).

Topic 2: Hardware implementations of cryptographic schemes based on error-correcting codes and/or lattices

The software performance of NIST PQC submissions has been thoroughly studied. On the other hand, the hardware performance (e.g. energy cost or gate cost on broadly available FPGAs) of many submissions is still not very well understood. During this thesis, the successful candidate will study code-based and/or lattice-based NIST PQC submissions, and propose hardware implementations of both the original submisssions and variations designed by the candidate to improve hardware performance.

Contact: Carlos Aguilar Melchor
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