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Research Engineer in Blockchain
Fujitsu Research, Sunnyvale CA

Fujitsu is hiring research engineers for our research lab based out of Sunnyvale, CA. We are looking for skilled developers with a research background who enjoy building systems and helping to write academic papers about them. This job will have a large open-source component, so someone who is comfortable working in the open-source space would be an ideal candidate. The role offers flexible office time with the potential to work from home for a large fraction of your time.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Design and develop secure blockchain and blockchain-based systems, and write academic papers about them when possible.
  • Assist in the creation and maintenance of blockchain open-source projects, and help with research projects based on them. Engage and participate in the open-source blockchain community.
  • Help developers build your research systems into production-ready systems.
  • Collaborate with researchers both within and outside of Fujitsu to work towards building cutting-edge systems.
  • A master’s degree in computer science or a related field, or relevant experience in research and development
  • Some track record of research publications. We don’t expect you to publish every year in top venues, but we do want evidence of familiarity with research.
  • Experience in open-source development, or a willingness to learn.
Contact: Hart Montgomery (
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