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Ph.D. Student in Cryptography
CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security

The CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security provides a unique work environment that offers the advantages of a university department and a research laboratory alike. As the latest member of the Helmholtz Association, the largest research organization in Germany, CISPA has embarked on a mission: to rethink the digitalized world of the future from the ground up and make it safer through innovative, cutting-edge research. The center will grow to more than 800 employees in the medium term with not less than 60 Faculty and research group leaders.

CISPA maintains an open, international and diverse work environment. Every Ph.D. student is a member of a research group led by his or her supervisor. Admitted students are, as a rule, paid employees of CISPA with a full-time contract. The working language is English.

Job Description. The group of Kamil Kluczniak is looking for Ph.D. students broadly interested in theoretical and/or practical aspects of Cryptography. Although the group is currently focused on homomorphic encryption and public-key cryptography, candidates will be encouraged to find and pursue their own research interests.

How to apply: All applications have to be done through the Odoo system:
Candidates are encouraged to send ``Hello CISPA!!!'' to the email address that is under the variable m from the following Python code:

>>> c = m**e % N

>>> print(str(c) + ", " + str(e) + ", " + str(N))

>>> 3016, 19, 10403

>>> m = str(c**d % N) + ""


If you have any questions regarding your application please contact our Onboarding Team via

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