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Post-Doc in SoC security
Laboratoire Hubert Curien, University of Lyon, Saint-Etienne, France
The main objective of the research in the Embedded System Security Group is to propose efficient and robust hardware architectures aimed at applied cryptography and telecom that are resistant to passive and active cryptographic attacks. More information on For a new project which addresses the problem of the security System-on-Chip (inside side channel analysis, fault injection, malicious exploitation of share hardware resources, etc.). We are looking for candidates with an outstanding Ph.D in hardware security and a strong publication record in this field. Knowledge of French is not mandatory. The Post-Doc position will start in March 2022, it is funded for at least 12 monthq. To apply please send your detailed CV (with publication list), motivation for applying (1 page) and names of at least two people who can provide reference letters (e-mail).
Contact: Contact: Prof. Lilian BOSSUET lilian.bossuet(at)
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