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Senior Cryptography engineer
Input Output Global - remote work opportunity

As a Senior Cryptography Engineer in Applied Cryptography at IOG you must be an engineer, an architect, an applied cryptographer and leader - it’s a multifaceted role. You have the exciting challenge of working with bleeding-edge research and technology, always with a focus on the market's needs. You will be a leader to an exceptional team. Working on everything from Post-Quantum prototypes to hand-optimisation of existing primitives to completely new products.

Your mission
- Champion of the applied cryptography team
- Captain end to end development and delivery of new products
- Spearhead prototyping of cryptographic products
- Translate research into rigorous engineering specifications & implementations
- Meticulously review cryptographic protocols and proposed primitives
- Expert knowledge of ZK protocols, including PlonK and IPA commitment scheme
- Expert knowledge of elliptic curve cryptography
- Familiarity with blockchain cryptography and constructions
- Practical experience with implementation of cryptographic primitives
- Expert in terms of secure design (constant time, operational security, management of key material)
- Document code and APIs concisely and unambiguously
- Pragmatically adhere to software engineering principles (modularity, incremental development, no premature optimization, no feature creep, no speculative generality, ...)
- Security sensibility related to cryptographic implementation
- Good theoretical cryptography and mathematical knowledge
- Ability to read cryptographic papers, explain them, and manage delivery of their implementation

Your expertise
Degree in Computer Science/Engineering or Applied Mathematics is desirable but not essential
A minimum of 4-5 years development experience (professional or otherwise) in Rust
Experience working with Git and version control
Expert knowledge of applied cryptographic engineering & best practices

Contact: Marios Nicolaides
Last updated: 2023-03-05 posted on 2023-03-03