PKC Test-of-Time Award

The PKC (the Public Key Cryptography conference ) Test of Time Award recognizes outstanding papers, published in PKC about 15 years ago, making a significant contribution to the theory and practice of public key cryptography, preferably with influence either on foundations or on the practice of the field. The inaugural PKC Test of Time Award was given in PKC 2019 for papers published in the conference's initial years of early 2000s and late 1990s. In the first few years a number of papers from a few different initial years of PKC can be recognized, and later on the award will typically recognize one year at a time with one or two papers.

Award Recipients

2020. The following three papers:

2019. The following three papers:

Award Committee and Rules

The award is given annually during the PKC conference. Recipients of the award are selected by a committee consisting of three members. The Award Committee is expected to select 1-2 papers each year. (In the first three years, since we award the initial conference years' papers the committee may be larger and may select papers across years; after the initial few years where the rules were set up by the steering committee, we will have fixed rules for the steady state years to come). The committees' membership is rotating.

This year we had five committee members to examine a few past conferences with the help of the PKC 2019 program committee. The committee members for the 2019 award were:

The award committee nominated and examined papers from the first four years of PKC.