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NOTE:This announcement is not included in the emailed ASCII version of the IACR Newsletter in order to protect the anonymity of authors who might have submitted some of the papers here to Crypto '99.

LIST OF NEW PAPERS (received June 13, 1998 -- March 12th, 1999)

98-19: M. Bellare, S. Halevi, A. Sahai and S. Vadhan,
       Many-to-one Trapdoor Functions and their Relation to Public-key 

98-20: C. P. Schnorr, 
       Almost All Discrete Log Bits Are Simultaneously Secure 

98-21: M. Bellare, A. Desai, D. Pointcheval and P. Rogaway, 
       Relations Among Notions of Security for Public-Key Encryption Schemes 

98-22: Hoi-Kwong Lo,  
       Insecurity of Quantum Computations, 

98-23: W. Aiello, M. Bellare, G. Di Crescenzo and R. Venkatesan,  
       Security amplification by composition: The case of doubly-iterated, 
       ideal ciphers, 

98-24: J. Pliam,  
       The Disparity between Work and Entropy in Cryptology, 

98-25: J. Garay, R. Gennaro, C. Jutla, and T. Rabin,  
       Secure Distributed Storage and Retrieval

98-26: O. Goldreich and S. Vadhan,  
       Comparing Entropies in Statistical Zero-Knowledge with Applications 
       to the Structure of SZK

99-01: R. Cramer and V. Shoup, 
       Signature Schemes Based on the Strong RSA Assumption

99-02: O. Goldreich, D. Ron and M. Sudan,
       Chinese Remaindering with Errors

99-03: I. Damgard,
       An error in the mixed adversary protocol by Fitzi, Hirt and Maurer

99-04: S. Halevi and H. Krawczyk,
       Public-key cryptography and password protocols

99-05: D. Micciancio,
       Lattice Based Cryptography: A Global Improvement

99-06: R. Fischlin,
       Fast Proof of Plaintext-Knowledge and Deniable Authentication Based on 
       Chinese Remainder Theorem

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