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Electronic Proceedings CD-ROM

It was announced last year that Spring-Verlag will be selling a CD-ROM containing the electronic proceedings of all IACR conferences from 1981-1997. For a variety of reasons (including my heavy workload, unfortunately), the production of this volume has taken much longer than expected. I recently sent a copy of what I consider to be the final version of this CD-ROM off to Springer-Verlag for reproduction, and we are hoping to get this out before Eurocrypt 1999.

The CD is designed to be viewed with a Java-capable web-browser, and contains the following elements:

  • PDF files for all 1,275 papers from Crypto 81-97, Eurocrypt 82, and Eurocrypt 84-97.
  • A complete author index in HTML
  • A keyword index in HTML
  • A list of all program committees in HTML
  • A BibTeX file of all papers
  • A full-text search capability, using a Java Applet
The PDF files were produced from scanned images of the pages. This results in large files, but the reproduction is as faithful as possible to the original printed paper and can be printed at reasonable resolution. The search capability was built using OCR pass on the images, so that the text index is only approximate. In order to overcome this limitation, the Java applet allows the user to control how many errors they are willing to tolerate in their searches.

I sincerely apologize for the delay in getting this out. I can only hope that the finished product will be worth the wait.

Kevin McCurley

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