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Eurocrypt '99 Preliminary Technical Program

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Monday, 3.5.1999

Morning sessions

Cryptanalysis I (chair: Jacques Stern)
  • Cryptanalysis of RSA with Private Key d < N^0.292
    Dan Boneh and Glenn Durfee (Stanford University)
  • Cryptanalysis of Skipjack Reduced to 31 Rounds Using Impossible Differentials
    Eli Biham, Alex Biryukov (Technion), and Adi Shamir (Weizmann Institute of Science
Hash Functions (chair: Jean-Jacques Quisquater)
  • Software Performance of Universal Hash Functions
    Wim Nevelsteen and Bart Preneel (Universiteit Leuven)
Foundations I (chair: Claus Schnorr)
  • Lower Bounds for Oblivious Transfer Reductions
    Yevgeniy Dodis and Silvio Micali (MIT)
  • On the (Im)possibility of Basing Oblivious Transfer and Bit Commitment on Weakened Security Assumptions
    Ivan Damgard (University of Aarhus), Joe Kilian (NEC Research Institute), and Louis Salvail (University of Aarhus)
  • Conditional Oblivious Transfer and Timed-Release Encryption
    Giovanni Di Crescenzo (University of California San Diego), Rafail Ostrovsky, and Sivaramakrishnan Rajagopalan (Bellcore)

Afternoon sessions

Public Key (chair: Paul Van Oorschot)
  • An Efficient Threshold Public Key Cryptosystem Secure Against Adaptive Chosen Ciphertext Attack
    Ran Canetti (IBM T.J. Watson) and Shafi Goldwasser (MIT)
  • Proving in Zero-Knowledge that a Number is the Product of Two Safe Primes
    Jan Camenisch (University of Aarhus) and Markus Michels (Entrust Technologies Europe)
  • Secure Hash-and-Sign Signatures without the Random Oracle
    Rosario Gennaro, Shai Halevi, and Tal Rabin (IBM T.J. Watson)
Watermarking and Fingerprinting (chair: Bruce Schneier)
  • A Note on the Limits of Collusion-Resistant Watermarks
    Funda Ergun (Bell Laboratories), Joe Kilian (NEC Research Institute), and Ravi Kumar (IBM Almaden)
  • Coin-Based Anonymous Fingerprinting
    Birgit Pfitzmann and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi (Universitat des Saarlandes)

Tuesday, 4.5.1999

Morning sessions

Elliptic Curves (chair: Willi Meier)
  • On the Performance of Hyperelliptic Cryptosystems
    Nigel Smart (Hewlett-Packard Laboratories)
  • Fast Elliptic Curve Algorithm Combining Frobenius Map and Table Reference to Adapt to Higher Characteristic

    Tetsutaro Kobayashi, Hikaru Morita, Kunio Kobayashi, and Fumitaka Hoshino (NTT Laboratories)
  • Comparing the MOV and FR Reductions in Elliptic Curve Cryptography
    Ryuichi Harasawa, Junji Shikata, Joe Suzuki (Osaka University), and Hideki Imai (University of Tokyo)
New Schemes (chair: Dan Boneh)
  • Unbalanced Oil and Vinegar Signature Schemes
    Aviad Kipnis (NDS Technologies), Jacques Patarin, and Louis Goubin (Bull SmartCards and Terminals)
  • Public-Key Cryptosystems Based on Composite Degree Residuosity Classes
    Pascal Paillier (Gemplus)
  • New Public Key Cryptosystems based on the Dependent--RSA Problems
    David Pointcheval (Ecole Normale Superieure)

Evening rump session (chair: Ross Anderson)

Wednesday, 5.5.1999

Morning sessions

Block Ciphers (chair: Lars Knudsen)
  • Resistance Against General Iterated Attacks
    Serge Vaudenay (Ecole Normale Superieure)
  • XOR and non-XOR Differential Probabilities
    Philip Hawkes (Qualcomm International) and Luke O'Connor (IBM Zurich)
  • S-boxes with Controllable Nonlinearity
    Jung Hee Cheon, Sungtaek Chee, and Choonsik Park (ETRI)
Distributed Cryptography (chair: Carlo Blundo)
  • Secure Distributed Key Generation for Discrete-Log Based Cryptosystems
    Rosario Gennaro (IBM T.J. Watson), Stanislaw Jarecki (MIT), Hugo Krawczyk (Technion), and Tal Rabin (IBM T.J. Watson)
  • Efficient Multiparty Computations Secure Against an Adaptive Adversary
    Ronald Cramer (ETH Zurich), Ivan Damgard, Stefan Dziembowski (Aarhus University), Martin Hirt (ETH Zurich), and Tal Rabin (IBM T.J. Watson)
  • Distributed Pseudo-Random Functions and KDCs
    Moni Naor, Benny Pinkas, and Omer Reingold (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Afternoon sessions

Cryptanalysis II (chair: Eli Biham)
  • Improved Fast Correlation Attacks on Stream Ciphers via Convolutional Codes
    Thomas Johansson and Fredrik Jonsson (Lund University)
  • Cryptanalysis of An Identification Scheme Based on The Permuted Perceptron Problem
    Lars R. Knudsen (University of Bergen) and Willi Meier (FH-Aargau)
Tools from Related Areas (chair Victor Shoup)
  • An Analysis of Exponentiation Based on Formal Languages
    Luke O'Connor (IBM Zurich Research)
  • Dealing Necessary and Sufficient Numbers of Cards for Sharing a One-bit Secret Key
    Takaaki Mizuki, Hiroki Shizuya, and Takao Nishizeki (Tohoku University)

IACR Business Meeting

Thursday, 6.5.1999

Morning sessions

Foundations II (chair: Claude Crepeau)
  • Computationally Private Information Retrieval with Polylogarithmic Communication
    Christian Cachin (IBM Zurich), Silvio Micali (MIT), and Markus Stadler (Crypto AG)
  • On the Concurrent Composition of Zero-Knowledge Proofs
    Ransom Richardson (Groove Networks) and Joe Kilian (NEC Research Institute)
  • Pseudorandom Function Tribe Ensembles Based on One-Way Permutations: Improvements and Applications
    Marc Fischlin (Universitat Frankfurt)
Broadcast and Multicast (chair: Yuliang Zheng)
  • Secure Communication in Broadcast Channels: the Answer to Franklin and Wright's Question
    Yongge Wang and Yvo Desmedt (University of Wisconsin)
  • Efficient Communication-Storage Tradeoffs for Multicast Encryption
    Ran Canetti (IBM T. J. Watson), Tal Malkin (MIT), and Kobbi Nissim (Weizmann Institute of Science)

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