International Association for Cryptologic Research

Papers to appear in the Journal of Cryptology

(as of March 1999)

  1. Blundo, De Santis, Kurosawa and Ogata: On a Fallacious Bound for Authentication Codes.
  2. Quinn: Bounds for Key Distribution Patterns.
  3. Zbinden, Gisin, Huttner, Muller and Tittel: Practical Aspects of Quantum Cryptographic Key Distribution.
  4. Biham: Cryptanalysis of Triple Modes of Operation.
  5. Bernstein: How to Stretch Random Functions: The Security of Protected Counter Sums.
  6. Joye, Lenstra and Quisquater: Chinese Remaindering Based Cryptosystems in the Presence of Faults.
  7. Smart: The Discrete Logarithm Problem on Elliptic Curves of Trace One.
  8. Pointcheval and Stern: Security Arguments for Digital Signatures and Blind Signatures.
  9. Knudsen: A Detailed Analysis of SAFER K.
  10. Coppersmith and Shparlinksi: On Polynomial Approximation of the Discrete Logarithm and the Diffie-Hellman Mapping.
  11. Shoup: On the Security of a Practical Identification Scheme.
  12. Golic, Salmasizadeh and Dawson: Fast Correlation Attacks on the Summation Generator.
  13. Gennaro, Krawczyk and Rabin: RSA-Based Undeniable Signatures.
  14. Blundo, De Santis and Stinson: On the Contrast in Visual Cryptography Schemes.
  15. Coppersmith: Weakness in Quaternion Signatures.
  16. Burmester, Desmedt, Itoh, Sakurai and Shizuya: Divertible and Subliminal-Free Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Languages.
  17. Fischlin and Schnorr: More RSA and Rabin Bits are More Secure.
  18. Franklin and Wright: Secure Communication over Echo Lines.
  19. Hirt and Maurer: Player Simulation and General Adversary Structures in Perfect Multi-Party Computation.

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