Eurocrypt '99 Preliminary Technical Program

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Monday, 3.5.1999

Morning sessions

Cryptanalysis I (chair: Jacques Stern) Hash Functions (chair: Jean-Jacques Quisquater) Foundations I (chair: Claus Schnorr)

Afternoon sessions

Public Key (chair: Paul Van Oorschot) Watermarking and Fingerprinting (chair: Bruce Schneier)

Tuesday, 4.5.1999

Morning sessions

Elliptic Curves (chair: Willi Meier) New Schemes (chair: Dan Boneh)

Evening rump session (chair: Ross Anderson)

Wednesday, 5.5.1999

Morning sessions

Block Ciphers (chair: Lars Knudsen) Distributed Cryptography (chair: Carlo Blundo)

Afternoon sessions

Cryptanalysis II (chair: Eli Biham) Tools from Related Areas (chair Victor Shoup)
IACR Business Meeting

Thursday, 6.5.1999

Morning sessions

Foundations II (chair: Claude Crepeau) Broadcast and Multicast (chair: Yuliang Zheng)

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