International Association for Cryptologic Research

Minutes of the BoD Meeting at Crypto '98

Board of Directors Meeting
Santa Barbara 
23 August 1998

The President, Kevin McCurley, called the meeting to order at 10:05AM.

Present: McCurley, Berson, Cachin, Diffie, Feigenbaum, Hruby, Imai, Klapper,
Matsumoto, Maurer, Okamoto, Pfitzmann, Preneel, Upton,
Van Oorschot, Tavares.

Also Present: Miki Swick, IACR Secretariat

1. Welcome and Identification of proxies

Kevin welcomed the members present.


Tom for Gilles Brassard
Kevin for Don Beaver
Bart for Peter Landrock
Jimmy for Andy Clark

2.  Agenda

The agenda as distributed was approved.

3. Minutes from the last meeting

Motion: (Berson/Preneel) Move to aprove the minutes. Carried(11/0)

4. CRYPTO '98 Status Report(Klapper)

Andrew reported that the new secretariat was doing a wonderful job and it
has been a big success.
As of last Tuesday, 500 persons had registered. He was expecting a surplus
of $13,000, not including funds set aside for the secretariat($20K). There
will be no group photo this year and there will be lots of students.
Kevin enquired about stipends. Andrew replied that he was offering room,
board, registration, and travel for speakers. For others he offered a
similar package, but omitted the travel stipend. It was asked if the
stipend was too generous? Andrew replied that to date the requests were not
excessive. In response to other questions, he said there were no tax
implications and no evidence of abuse of the process.

5. Review of Reports

a) Membership Secretary report(delayed)

b) Financial report(Upton)

Jimmy said that the IRS document had been filed, and $50K had been moved
into a Certificate of Deposit to earn more interest.

Motion(Jimmy/Paul) Motion to increase annual dues from $72 to $80 for
regular members and from $36 to $40 for student members. Carried(11/0).
Jimmy said that this increase will enable the IACR to cover the costs of
the Secretariat.

Kevin observed that the Membership Secretary is a member of the Board and
he had asked Andy to serve in this role. However, Miki Swick is not a
member of the Board. Tom Berson noted that on some boards people like Miki
Swick are members of the board.
It was also noted that the IACR contract for the Secretariat was with UCSB.
Bart Preneel offered the view that the Secretariat should provide services
for Eurocrypt. Jimmy Upton reminded the Board that Andrew Klapper said that
UCSB was doing a wonderful job.
(Miki Swick left the room)

Motion:(Berson/Upton) Move that the Board invite Miki Swick as manager to
be Member Secretary(13/0/1 abs.) Carried.
(Micki returned to the room)

Kevin explained the role of Membership Secretary to Miki and she asked for
time to consider the offer.

[Note:  Miki subsequently declined the offer to accept a position on the

Return to Item 5(a)

V.P. Report from Andy Clark(Jimmy)

Alert condition: CD-ROM to come

Database contains list of IACR membership and has been sent to Sally
Vito(IACR Secretariat)

Miki said that she was learning a lot and that things were better since
they were more closely involved. This was beneficial especially to new
conference attendees.

It was propoposed that an attendee list be published at the start of the
conference and an addendum be published at the end. Kevin suggested that we
consider automated electronic registration. Miki wondered if it was O.K to
videotape social events. Kevin asked what it would cost to videotape talks
at Crypto and what would UCSB charge for this service.

5(d) Journal Editor's report

Joan Feigenbaum's term as Editor is coming to the end, and Joan is willing
to stand for another term.
The matter of backlogs for the Journal was raised and Joan  said the real
backlog was one year. Kevin said our backlog seemed to be higher than
others(cf. AMS notices), but it was not out of line.
Kevin said that Springer is providing access to an electronic version of the
Journal. It was felt that the IACR should have the author index. Joan said
may be available on Springer's LINK service and she will ask Sabrina
Paris at Springer. Kevin aked if Joan would send it to him by email.
Paul said the information is available in the "Handbook"(Handbook of
Applied Cryptography).

Andrew Klapper pointed out that at the recent IEEE Information Theory
Conference a set of CD-ROMs of all IT Transactions was distributed to all

Joan said that she had written guidelines for referees and wondered how to
proceed. It was suggested that referees should be listed in the back of the
Journal of Cryptology.

Kevin thanked Joan for doing a wonderful job.

12.  Eurocrypt 2000 Status(Preneel)  Moved Forward                  

Jimmy said that that the budget seems to be O.K.
It was asked who sponsors student attendees and was there a rate for

Kevin asked if the meeting room was big enough? The reply was that the
room could hold 550 and that Eurocrypt had not grown recently.

5(c) Asiacrypt incorporation report(Bylaws and Asiacrypt: Berson)

Tom said there were a number of unresolved questions:

Question 1: Should there be a third Board Meeting?
There should be a Business Meeting at Asiacrypt. Okamoto suggested that
there should be two Board meetings per year and the Board should vote on
where to hold the meetings. Jimmy observed that the Bylaws should say that
there should be at least one meeting per year(could be electronic or
paper). It was observed that such changes would require a change in the
bylaws. Kevin added that the Bylays should not specify the conferences
where Board meetings are held. It could simply state that the IACR sponsors
three confereces per year. 

Question 2(Berson) Does the IACR need a third Board meeting. No. 
The Bylaws call for at least one board meeting per year. Birgit volunteered
to revise the Bylaws.

Question 3(Berson) Should there be a General Assembly at Asiacrypt? Yes.
This raises the matter of a quorum. Jimmy noted that we can count proxy
votes to get a quorum. Paul added that the wording in the Bylaws is not
ambiguous. We should change the wording to count proxies. Diffie commented
that there are some proxies that may be very, very, useful. The Bylaws count
proxies as present.
Kevin reminded the Board that the Bylaws change for this election. The
Board will vote by email.

6. Report on Newsletter Status(Kevin)
The new format is electronic. Kevin called Fritz Bauspiess about he 
Newsletter and informed the Board that Fritz has resigned as Editor.
Christian has agreed to be the Newsletter Editor. Kevin then invited 
Christian to speak.
Christian said that paper is out of date and the Newsletter should go
electronic. He will make use of the IACR Website. There will be email
updates two or three times per year. The content will include: IACR
reports, conference reports, rump session, slides from distinguished
lectures, submissions, bookreviews, etc.
Don Beaver raised the isue of access. Will there be open access? 
Christian replied that there would be no access control.

Kevin said there would be editorial control and the Newsletter would
provide value to members. He also observed that the webpage would be in the
U.S. and subject to U.S. government regulations. Joan added that the
Journal may have a problem with source code.
Christian addressed the problem of who will receive the electronc
newsletter. He noted that most members have email. Jimmy said that we
should provide a service for those with problems. Birgit suggested that we
should send a paper version to those who requested it.

Motion(Diffie/Maurer): Move to approve the appointment of Christian as
Newsletter Editor. Carried(16 for/0 against).                

8. Asiacrypt steering committee(ASC) report(Hideki)

   1. ASC unanimously accepts accepts the BoD recommendation       

   2. Future Asiacrypt conferences:

      1999 Singapore, Nov. 14-18,   "in cooperation with"

      2000 sponsored by IACR

      2001 There are two proposals:

             * Taiwan
             * Australia

The proposal for ASIACRYPT 2000 was circulated at the meeting.
Kevin raised the matter of the budget for ASIACRYPT 2000. He said there 
was an approval process for the budget for IACR conferences. Tatsuaki 
will send the proposed budget to Jimmy.
It was asked if there was sufficient hotel space available. The answer was
yes. Kevin asked what was the size of the meeting room. The answer was
there was seating for 1000.
The organizers estimated a breakeven budget for 250 registrants. The
estimated registration fee if 300 attend is approximately $180,which
the proceedings. The cost of the banquet will be covered by sponsors. The
cost to attendees should be less than the cost of Eurocrypt. Kevin asked
the organizers to clear the Registration form with the Board. Miki said
that the Secretariat has the IACR database and they send out the
registration material for all the IACR conferences. Kevin said he wanted
registrations to be handled in a uniform manner.

Motion: Approve the ASIACRYPT 2000 proposal(15 for/0 against)  

It was pointed out that the proposal is separate from the appointment of
Program Chairs. It was also pointed out that the General Chair Guidelines
need updating to take into account the creation of the Secretariat.

9. IACR 1998 Elections(Preneel/Maurer)

    Material will also include revision to Bylaws.

10. EUROCRYPT '99(Hruby)

     To be held May 2-6,1999 in Prague. Hruby made a presentation to the
Board on the progress to date. There was a problem with the registration
form that needed to be sorted out.

11. CRYPTO '99 Status(Beaver)

The dates are August 15-19, 1999. The General Chair will decide whether or
not to have a group photo. It was asked if there would be videotaping of
the presentations. This will be decided later.

12. EUROCRYPT  2000 Status    (Moved forward in Agenda)

13. EUROCRYPT 2001

Kevin was aware of a pre-proposal and this item was tabled.

14. CRYPTO 2000 planning

Candidates for the Program Chair and General chair were nominated and
discussed. A slate of candidates was approved.  Mihir Bellare will be the
Program Chair and Matt Franklin will be the General Chair.

15. CD-ROM of past Proceedings

Kevin said that they were very close to production. The material had been
scanned and there will be keyword index(from the OCR).
It is necessary to compress the material as there are 16,400 pages(1275
papers). The CD-ROM should be available at the end of the year. Springer
will mail the CD-ROM to those who paid for it. Bart said that we should
thank Kevin for his efforts to create the CD-ROM.

16 Copyright of Proceedings

Authors at IACR papers have copyright, except for EUROCRYPT '96. The
copyright form has been mailed to authors by the Program Committee.
Kevin said the plan was to formalize the copyright agreement with Springer
for 2001.
Joan added that the copyright form should be the same for the Journal and
the Proceedings. Diffie said that they were two distinct things, involving
three or four entities. We should empower "the employee".
The goals should be free dissemination of scientific material and that the
copyright should revert to the authors and/or the IACR.
Kevin said that he will finalize the form by the end of September. 

Motion: To request Kevin to prepare the form by the end of September
(Stafford/Jimmy)(12 for/ 0 against).                                     

17. Other business

Tatsuaki asked about the policy of electronic submission for future
conferences. He said that we do not have the infrastructure. He was referred
to Hugo on this matter.
Ueli will take responsibility for the Program Chair Guidelines. He
supported the view that the Program Chair should "approve" the Program
Tom commented that the Board meetings caused him some distress. There is no
strategic direction and no time to plan. We also waste the time of the
members of the Board.
Kevin answered that he and Andy had met to discuss this and had some
proposals, e.g., to email the distribution of reports.

18. Draft Agenda for Business Meeting

A list of items was drawn up that Kevin would address at the Business

19. Action Items

Kevin made a list of the action items.

There followed an informal discussion  and brainstorming on a variety of
strategic issues for the IACR.

The meeting adjourned at 5:10PM

Stafford Tavares
Secretary of the IACR

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