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Welcome to the 7th electronic issue of the IACR Newsletter!

No big changes for the IACR Newsletter this time, but the table of contents looks quite packed, nevertheless. Make sure you don't forget to vote in the upcoming IACR elections this fall.

Late-breaking news from IACR:

  • Andrew Odlyzko to hold the IACR Distinguished Lecture of 2001 at Eurocrypt in Innsbruck.
  • Rebecca Wright to be the general chair, Moti Yung the program chair of Crypto 2002.
  • Yuliang Zheng to be the program chair of Asiacrypt 2002.

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The next issue of the IACR Newsletter is scheduled for publication in February 2001. However, announcements will be posted on the IACR Website as soon as possible.

Christian Cachin
IACR Newsletter Editor

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