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Newsletter distribution

In the last issue of the IACR newsletter, I asked for your opinion on the distribution medium of the newsletter. Most readers see a new issue of the newsletter in their email inbox. They have then two options: either turn to the web pages or read the web pages converted to text format which I include in the email.

I wanted to know how many readers can live with the web-only option and how many prefer to read the full-text version in the email.

The answers from 89 distinct readers (not counting a double-answer that I spotted by coincidence) were as follows:

prefer Reminder only by email33
prefer Full-text by email56
Among both groups were also a few answers of the form "prefer this, but can live with that", but these were balanced.

One reason for the popularity of the email format may be that you can process the newsletter and absorb its information right there, in the same way as you process other inputs in the email inbox. Apparently, this is the preferred choice for those among us whose inbox is equivalent to their to-do list!

I take this clear verdict -- an overwhelming majority (almost by two to one) in favor of the email distribution -- as my duty as your newsletter editor and will continue to produce the full-text version.

Thanks to all who responded for their input and also for all other feedback.

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