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Welcome to the 17th electronic issue of the IACR Newsletter!

The first six IACR Fellows have just been announced; congratulations to all! Their designation marks an important step for our community and for IACR, showing that cryptology has enough history so that fundamental contributions can be recognized in this form.

Together with Jan Camenisch, I invite you to come to Switzerland for Eurocrypt 2004 - it will be an exciting conference in a beautiful location. The preliminary program is now available. Keep in mind that the deadline for early registration is April 1st, and the deadline for hotel registration is even earlier: March 16th. We look forward to seeing you in Interlaken!

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The next issue of the IACR Newsletter is scheduled for publication in June 2004. However, announcements will be posted on the IACR Website as soon as possible.

Christian Cachin
IACR Newsletter Editor

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