International Association for Cryptologic Research

CD-ROM of IACR Conference Proceedings 1998-2003

Together with the printed proceedings, the attendees of a Eurocrypt, Crypto or Asiacrypt conference in 2004 receive a CD-ROM containing the electronic versions of the IACR conference proceedings from 1998 until 2003.

The CD-ROM includes the proceedings of

Eurocrypt 1998-2003
Crypto 1998-2003
Asiacrypt 1998-2003
FSE 1998-2003
PKC 1998-2003

This CD-ROM is only available from IACR, and not from Springer-Verlag.

Currently, we have a few extra copies of the Eurocrypt 2004 proceedings including the CD-ROM available that we sell to IACR members or others who are not attending any of the conferences in 2004. For details, please contact eurocrypt2004(at) (The Eurocrypt 2004 proceedings available from Springer-Verlag and in books stores does not include the CD-ROM.)

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