New Reports in the Cryptology ePrint Archive

(The list contains reports posted since the last newsletter issue appeared.)
   2004/330 ( PDF )
          Multicollision Attacks on Generalized Hash Functions
          M. Nandi and D. R. Stinson

   2004/329 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Hardness amplification of weakly verifiable puzzles
          Ran Canetti and Shai Halevi and Michael Steiner

   2004/328 ( PDF )
          Security  Analysis  of  a  2/3-rate  Double  Length Compression
          Function in Black-Box Model
          Mridul Nandi and Wonil Lee and Kouichi Sakurai and Sangjin Lee

   2004/327 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Efficient Identity Based Ring Signature
          Sherman S.M. Chow and S.M. Yiu and Lucas C.K. Hui

   2004/326 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Cryptanalysis of Qiu-Gu-Chen Variant Group Signature Scheme
          Zhengjun Cao

   2004/325 ( PDF )
          Complexity  of the Collision and Near-Collision Attack on SHA-0
          with Different Message Schedules
          Mitsuhiro HATTORI and Shoichi HIROSE and Susumu YOSHIDA

   2004/324 ( PDF )
          On  a  Probabilistic  Approach  to  the  Security  Analysis  of
          Cryptographic Hash Functions
          G. Laccetti and G. Schmid

   2004/323 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          A note on L\'opez-Dahab coordinates
          Tanja Lange

   2004/322 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Secure  and Anonymous Identity-Based Key Issuing without Secure
          Ai-fen  Sui  and  Sherman S.M. Chow and Lucas C.K. Hui and S.M.
          Yiu  and  K.P.  Chow and W.W. Tsang and C.F. Chong and K.H. Pun
          and H.W. Chan

   2004/321 ( PDF )
          The  conjugacy  search  problem  in  public  key  cryptography:
          unnecessary and insufficient
          Vladimir Shpilrain and Alexander Ushakov

   2004/320 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Upper  Bounds  for  the  Selection  of  the  Cryptographic  Key
          Lifetimes: Bounding the Risk of Key Exposure in the Presence of
          Alfonso De Gregorio

   2004/319 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Badger - A Fast and Provably Secure MAC
          Martin Boesgaard and Thomas Christensen and Erik Zenner

   2004/318 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Upper  Bounds  on the Communication Complexity of Cryptographic
          Multiparty Computation
          Martin Hirt and Jesper Buus Nielsen

   2004/317 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Adaptively-Secure, Non-Interactive Public-Key Encryption
          Ran Canetti and Shai Halevi and Jonathan Katz

   2004/316 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          On  a  Threshold  Group  Signature  Scheme  and  a  Fair  Blind
          Signature Scheme
          Zhengjun Cao

   2004/315 ( PDF )
          Security  Arguments  for  Partial Delegation with Warrant Proxy
          Signature Schemes
          Qin Wang, Zhenfu Cao

   2004/314 ( PDF )
          A Technical Comparison of IPSec and SSL
          AbdelNasir Alshamsi and Takamichi Saito

   2004/313 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Cryptanalysis of a threshold proxy signature with known signers
          Fuw-Yi Yang, Jinn-Ke Jan, and Woei-Jiunn Jeng

   2004/312 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Ramanujan Graphs and the Random Reducibility of Discrete Log on
          Isogenous Elliptic Curves
          David Jao and Stephen D. Miller and Ramarathnam Venkatesan

   2004/311 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Hierarchical Group Signatures
          Marten Trolin and Douglas Wikstrom

   2004/310 ( PS PS.GZ )
          A Verifiable Random Function With Short Proofs and Keys
          Yevgeniy Dodis and Aleksandr Yampolskiy

   2004/309 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          The Power of Verification Queries in Message Authentication and
          Authenticated Encryption
          Mihir Bellare and Oded Goldreich and Anton Mityagin

   2004/308 ( PDF )
          Cryptanalysis  of  Noel McCullagh and Paulo S. L. M. Barreto¡¯s
          two-party identity-based key agreement
          Guohong Xie

   2004/307 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Universal  Forgeability of Wang-Wu-Wang Key-Insulated Signature
          Zhengjun Cao

   2004/306 ( PS PS.GZ )
          The Static Diffie-Hellman Problem
          Daniel R. L. Brown and Robert P. Gallant

   2004/305 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          A note on efficient computation of cube roots in characteristic
          Paulo S. L. M. Barreto

   2004/304 ( PDF )
          Second Preimages on n-bit Hash Functions for Much Less than 2^n
          John Kelsey and Bruce Schneier

   2004/303 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Efficient  Tate  Pairing Computation for Supersingular Elliptic
          Curves over Binary Fields
          Soonhak Kwon

   2004/302 ( PDF )
          Security of Wang-Li Threshold Signature Scheme 
          Lifeng Guo

   2004/301 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          VMPC-MAC: A Stream Cipher Based Authenticated Encryption Scheme
          Bartosz Zoltak

   2004/300 ( PS PS.GZ )
          Relating Symbolic and Cryptographic Secrecy
          Michael Backes and Birgit Pfitzmann

   2004/299 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Security Flaws in a Pairing-based Group Signature Scheme
          Zhengjun Cao and Sherman S.M. Chow

   2004/298 ( PDF )
          Nominative Proxy Signature Schemes
          Zuo-Wen Tan,Zhuo-Jun Liu

   2004/297 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Post-Quantum Signatures
          Johannes  Buchmann  and  Carlos Coronado and Martin Döring and
          Daniela Engelbert and Christoph Ludwig and Raphael Overbeck and
          Arthur Schmidt and Ulrich Vollmer and Ralf-Philipp Weinmann

   2004/296 ( PDF )
          A Class of secure Double Length Hash Functions
          Mridul Nandi

   2004/295 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          An  Access  Control  Scheme for Partially Ordered Set Hierarchy
          with Provable Security
          Jiang Wu and Ruizhong Wei

   2004/294 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Optimal  Lower  Bounds  on  the  Number  of Queries for Solving
          Differential Equations of Addition
          Souradyuti Paul and Bart Preneel

   2004/293 ( PS PS.GZ )
          Provably   Secure   Authentication  of  Digital  Media  Through
          Invertible Watermarks
          Jana Dittmann and Stefan Katzenbeisser and Christian Schallhart
          and Helmut Veith

   2004/292 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Asynchronous Proactive RSA
          Ruishan Zhang and Kefei Chen

   2004/291 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          The Rabbit Stream Cipher - Design and Security Analysis
          Martin  Boesgaard  and Thomas Pedersen and Mette Vesterager and
          Erik Zenner

   2004/290 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          The Security of the FDH Variant of Chaum's Undeniable Signature
          Wakaha Ogata and Kaoru Kurosawa and Swee-Huay Heng 

   2004/289 ( PDF )
          Fault attack on the DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm
          Kai Wirt

   2004/288 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          A  New  Designated  Confirmer  Signature  Variant with Intended
          Yong Li and Dingyi Pei

   2004/287 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Almost Ideal Contrast Visual Cryptography with Reversing
          Duong Quang Viet and Kaoru Kurosawa

   2004/286 ( PS PS.GZ )
          Generalized  compact  knapsacks, cyclic lattices, and efficient
          one-way functions from worst-case complexity assumptions
          Daniele Micciancio

   2004/285 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Generation of random Picard curves for cryptography
          Annegret Weng

   2004/284 ( PDF )
          Qingshu Meng and Huanguo Zhang and Min Yang and Jingsong Cui

   2004/283 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Fault and Side-Channel Attacks on Pairing Based Cryptography
          D. Page and F. Vercauteren

   2004/282 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          New Monotone Span Programs from Old
          Ventzislav Nikov and Svetla Nikova

   2004/281 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Short   Linkable  Ring  Signatures  for  E-Voting,  E-Cash  and
          Patrick P. Tsang and Victor K. Wei

   2004/280 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Cryptanalysis of Park-Lee Nominative Proxy Signature Scheme
          Zhengjun Cao

   2004/279 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Parallel Montgomery Multiplication in $GF(2^k)$ using Trinomial
          Residue Arithmetic
          Jean-Claude Bajard and Laurent Imbert and Graham A. Jullien

   2004/278 ( PDF )
          The Extended Codebook (XCB) Mode of Operation
          David A. McGrew and Scott R. Fluhrer

   2004/277 ( PDF )
          Experimenting with Faults, Lattices and the DSA
          David  Naccache  and  Phong  Q. Nguyen and Michael Tunstall and
          Claire Whelan

   2004/276 ( PDF )
          Improving  the  algebraic  immunity  of resilient and nonlinear
          functions and constructing bent functions
          C. Carlet

   2004/275 ( PDF )
          An  e-Voting  Scheme  with  Improved  Resistance  to  Bribe and
          Wei-Chi Ku and Chun-Ming Ho

   2004/274 ( PDF )
          Meng Qing-shu and Yang min and Zhang huan-guo and Cui jing-song

   2004/273 ( PDF )
          Cryptanalysis of Threshold-Multisignature schemes
          Lifeng Guo

   2004/272 ( PDF )
          A  Characterization  of  Authenticated-Encryption  as a Form of
          Chosen-Ciphertext Security
          Tom Shrimpton

   2004/271 ( PDF )
          The Mundja Streaming MAC
          Philip Hawkes and Michael Paddon and Gregory G. Rose

   2004/270 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          An Enhanced and Secure Protocol for Authenticated Key Exchange
          Fuw-Yi Yang and Jinn-Ke Jan

   2004/269 ( PDF )
          Cryptanalysis of Threshold-Multisignature Schemes
          Lifeng Guo

   2004/268 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Untraceability of Wang-Fu Group Signature Scheme
          Zhengjun Cao and Lihua Liu

   2004/267 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Separable Linkable Threshold Ring Signatures
          Patrick  P. Tsang and Victor K. Wei and Tony K. Chan and Man Ho
          Au and Joseph K. Liu and Duncan S. Wong

   2004/266 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          A  New  Minimal Average Weight Representation for Left-to-Right
          Point Multiplication Methods
          M. Khabbazian and T.A. Gulliver

   2004/265 ( PDF )
          sSCADA: Securing SCADA Infrastructure Communications
          Yongge Wang and Bei-Tseng Chu 

   2004/264 ( PDF )
          Musings on the Wang et al. MD5 Collision
          Philip Hawkes and Michael Paddon and Gregory G. Rose

   2004/263 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Applications  of $\mathcal{M}$ultivariate $\mathcal{Q}$uadratic
          Public Key Systems
          Christopher Wolf and Bart Preneel

   2004/262 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Universal  Forgeability  of  a  Forward-Secure  Blind Signature
          Scheme Proposed by Duc et al.
          Lihua Liu and Zhengjun Cao

   2004/261 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Improved  Efficiency  for  CCA-Secure Cryptosystems Built Using
          Identity-Based Encryption
          Dan Boneh and Jonathan Katz

   2004/260 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Secure   Group   Communications  over  Combined  Wired/Wireless
          Junghyun Nam, Seungjoo Kim, Hyungkyu Yang, and Dongho Won

   2004/259 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          On Boolean Functions with Generalized Cryptographic Properties
          An Braeken, Ventzislav Nikov, Svetla Nikova, Bart Preneel

   2004/258 ( PS PS.GZ )
          Escrow-Free Encryption Supporting Cryptographic Workflow
          S.S. Al-Riyami and J. Malone-Lee and N.P. Smart

   2004/257 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Interleaving  Attack  on  ID-based  Conference Key Distribution
          Junghyun Nam, Seungjoo Kim, and Dongho Won

   2004/256 ( PDF )
          On the supports of the Walsh transforms of Boolean functions
          Claude Carlet and Sihem Mesnager

   2004/255 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          A Point Halving Algorithm for Hyperelliptic Curves
          Izuru Kitamura and Masanobu Katagi and Tsuyoshi Takagi

   2004/254 ( PS PS.GZ )
          New  paradigms  for  digital  generation and post-processing of
          random data
          Jovan Dj. Golic

   2004/253 ( PDF )
          Design Principles for Iterated Hash Functions
          Stefan Lucks

   2004/252 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Security Proofs for Identity-Based Identification and Signature
          Mihir Bellare and Chanathip Namprempre and Gregory Neven

   2004/251 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Attacks  on  Bresson-Chevassut-Essiari-Pointcheval's  Group Key
          Agreement Scheme for Low-Power Mobile Devices
          Junghyun Nam, Seungjoo Kim, and Dongho Won

   2004/250 ( PDF )
          Identity Based Threshold Proxy Signature
          Jing Xu and Zhenfeng Zhang and Dengguo Feng

   2004/249 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Attacks On An ISO/IEC 11770-2 Key Establishment Protocol
          Zhaohui Cheng and Richard Comley

   2004/248 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Classification of Boolean Functions of 6 Variables or Less with
          Respect to Cryptographic Properties
          An Braeken and Yuri Borissov and Svetla Nikova and Bart Preneel

   2004/247 ( PS PS.GZ )
          Vectorial fast correlation attacks
          Jovan Dj. Golic and Guglielmo Morgari

   2004/246 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Upper and Lower Bounds on Black-Box Steganography
          Nenad Dedic and Gene Itkis and Leonid Reyzin and Scott Russell

   2004/245 ( PDF )
          On  codes,  matroids  and  secure  multi-party computation from
          linear secret sharing schemes
          Ronald  Cramer  and  Vanesa  Daza  and Ignacio Gracia and Jorge
          Jimenez  Urroz  and  Gregor  Leander  and Jaume Marti-Farre and
          Carles Padro

   2004/244 ( PDF )
          Signcryption in Hierarchical Identity Based Cryptosystem
          Sherman  S.M. Chow and Tsz Hon Yuen and Lucas C.K. Hui and S.M.

   2004/243 ( PDF )
          On the Key Exposure Problem in Chameleon Hashes
          Giuseppe Ateniese and Breno de Medeiros

   2004/242 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Combinatorial group theory and public key cryptography
          Vladimir Shpilrain and Gabriel Zapata

   2004/241 ( PDF )
          A Comparison of Point Counting methods for Hyperelliptic Curves
          over Prime Fields and Fields of Characteristic 2
          Colm O hEigeartaigh

   2004/240 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          A Weil Descent Attack against Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems over
          Quartic Extension Fields
          Seigo  Arita  and  Kazuto  Matsuo and Koh-ichi Nagao and Mahoro

   2004/239 ( PDF )
          Geometric Key Establishment
          Arkady Berenstein and Leon Chernyak 

   2004/238 ( PDF )
          Security   Analysis   of   A   Dynamic   ID-based  Remote  User
          Authentication Scheme
          Amit K Awasthi and Sunder Lal

   2004/237 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Efficient Cryptanalysis of RSE(2)PKC and RSSE(2)PKC
          Christopher Wolf and An Braeken and Bart Preneel

   2004/236 ( PDF )
          Forgery Attacks on Chang et al.'s signature scheme with message
          FU Xiaotong, XU Chunxiang and XIAO Guozhen

   2004/235 ( PDF )
          Cryptographic Implications of Hess' Generalized GHS Attack
          Alfred Menezes and Edlyn Teske

   2004/234 ( PDF )
          On the security of some nonrepudiable threshold proxy signature
          schemes with known signers
          Zuo-Wen Tan and Zhuo-Jun Liu

   2004/233 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Password-Based  Authenticated  Key  Exchange in the Three-Party
          Michel Abdalla and Pierre-Alain Fouque and David Pointcheval

   2004/232 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Extending the Resynchronization Attack
          Frederik Armknecht and Joseph Lano and Bart Preneel

   2004/231 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          New Approaches to Timed-Release Cryptography
          Ivan Osipkov and Yongdae Kim and Jung Hee Cheon

   2004/230 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          A Provable Secure Scheme for Partially Blind Signatures
          Fuw-Yi Yang and Jinn-Ke Jan

   2004/229 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Secure       Direct       Communication      Using      Quantum
          Calderbank-Shor-Steane Codes
          Xin L¨¹ and Zhi Ma and Dengguo Feng

   2004/228 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Honggang Hu and Dengguo Feng

   2004/227 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Sign Change Fault Attacks On Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems
          Johannes Blömer and Martin Otto and Jean-Pierre Seifert

   2004/226 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Lower Bounds for Non-Black-Box Zero Knowledge
          Boaz Barak and Yehuda Lindell and Salil Vadhan

   2004/225 ( PS PS.GZ )
          Vectorial Boolean functions and induced algebraic equations
          Jovan Dj. Golic

   2004/224 ( PS PS.GZ )
          The Polynomial Composition Problem in
          Marc Joye and David Naccache and St\'ephanie Porte

   2004/223 ( PDF )
          Inversion-Free Arithmetic on Genus 3 Hyperelliptic Curves
          Xinxin Fan and Yumin Wang

   2004/222 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          A Study of the Security of Unbalanced Oil and Vinegar Signature
          An Braeken and Christopher Wolf and Bart Preneel

   2004/221 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Towards  Plaintext-Aware  Public-Key  Encryption without Random
          Mihir Bellare and Adriana Palacio

   2004/220 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          On Oleshchuk's Public Key Cryptosystem
          Heiko Stamer and Friedrich Otto

   2004/219 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Entropic Security and the Encryption of High Entropy Messages
          Yevgeniy Dodis and Adam Smith

   2004/218 ( PDF )
          Eiichiro Fujisaki

   2004/217 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Cryptanalyzing  the  Polynomial-Reconstruction based Public-Key
          System Under Optimal Parameter Choice
          Aggelos Kiayias and Moti Yung

   2004/216 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Tree Parity Machine Rekeying Architectures
          Markus Volkmer and Sebastian Wallner

   2004/215 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Transitive Signatures: New Schemes and Proofs
          Mihir Bellare and Gregory Neven

   2004/214 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Classification of Highly Nonlinear Boolean Power Functions with
          a Randomised Algorithm for Checking Normality
          An Braeken, Christopher Wolf, and Bart Preneel

   2004/213 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Cryptanalysis  of  Chang et al.'s Signature Scheme with Message
          Fangguo Zhang

   2004/212 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          ID-Based  Encryption  for Complex Hierarchies with Applications
          to Forward Security and Broadcast Encryption
          Danfeng  Yao  and  Nelly  Fazio  and  Yevgeniy  Dodis  and Anna

   2004/211 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Scalable,  Server-Passive,  User-Anonymous Timed Release Public
          Key Encryption from Bilinear Pairing
          Ian F. Blake and Aldar C-F. Chan

   2004/210 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Hybrid Cryptography
          Alexander W. Dent

   2004/209 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          The Security and Efficiency of Micciancio's Cryptosystem
          Christoph Ludwig

   2004/208 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Deterministic  Polynomial Time Equivalence of Computing the RSA
          Secret Key and Factoring
          Jean-Sebastien Coron and Alexander May

   2004/207 ( PDF )
          On Corrective Patterns for the SHA-2 Family
          Philip Hawkes and Michael Paddon and Gregory G. Rose

   2004/206 ( PDF )
          ID-Based Proxy Signature Using Bilinear Pairings
          Jing Xu and Zhenfeng Zhang and Dengguo Feng

   2004/205 ( PDF )
          Direct Anonymous Attestation 
          Ernie Brickell and Jan Camenisch and Liqun Chen

   2004/204 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Authenticated tree parity machine key exchange
          Markus Volkmer and Andre Schaumburg

   2004/203 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          How  to  Cheat  at  Chess:  A Security Analysis of the Internet
          Chess Club
          John Black and Martin Cochran and Ryan Gardner

   2004/202 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Covering Radius of the $(n-3)$-rd Order Reed-Muller Code in the
          Set of Resilient Functions
          Yuri Borissov, An Braeken, Svetla Nikova

   2004/201 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Non-Interactive   and   Information-Theoretic  Secure  Publicly
          Verifiable Secret Sharing
          Chunming Tang and Dingyi Pei and Zhuojun Liu and Yong He

   2004/200 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          On Cheating Immune Secret Sharing
          An Braeken, Svetla Nikova, Ventzislav Nikov

   2004/199 ( PDF )
          Collisions for Hash Functions MD4, MD5, HAVAL-128 and RIPEMD
          Xiaoyun Wang and Dengguo Feng and Xuejia Lai and Hongbo Yu

   2004/198 ( PDF )
          Long Modular Multiplication for Cryptographic Applications
          Laszlo Hars

   2004/197 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          SPA-based   attack  against  the  modular  reduction  within  a
          partially secured RSA-CRT implementation
          Helmut Kahl

   2004/196 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Password Based Key Exchange with Mutual Authentication
          Shaoquan Jiang and Guang Gong

   2004/195 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Signed Binary Representations Revisited
          Katsuyuki Okeya and Katja Schmidt-Samoa and Christian Spahn and
          Tsuyoshi Takagi

   2004/194 ( PDF )
          A Note on An Encryption Scheme of Kurosawa and Desmedt
          Rosario Gennaro and Victor Shoup

   2004/193 ( PDF )
          The  Security  and  Performance  of  the Galois/Counter Mode of
          Operation (Full Version)
          David A. McGrew and John Viega

   2004/192 ( -- withdrawn -- )
          Security  Pitfalls  of  an efficient remote user authentication
          scheme using smart cards
          Manoj Kumar

   2004/191 ( PS PS.GZ )
          Scalar   Multiplication   in   Elliptic   Curve  Cryptosystems:
          Pipelining with Pre-computations
          Pradeep Kumar Mishra

   2004/190 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Distributed Ring Signatures for Identity-Based Scenarios
          Javier Herranz and Germ\'an S\'aez

   2004/189 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Computing Modular Polynomials
          Denis Charles and Kristin Lauter

   2004/188 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Grey   Box  Implementation  of  Block  Ciphers  Preserving  the
          Confidentiality of their Design
          Vincent Carlier and Hervé Chabanne and Emmanuelle Dottax

   2004/187 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Parallel FPGA Implementation of RSA with Residue Number Systems
          - Can side-channel threats be avoided? - Extended version
          Mathieu Ciet and Michael Neve and Eric Peeters and Jean-Jacques

   2004/186 ( -- withdrawn -- )
          A  New Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards with
          Forward Secrecy
          Manoj Kumar

   2004/185 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          On the Existence of low-degree Equations for Algebraic Attacks
          Frederik Armknecht

   2004/184 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          ID-based  Ring  Signature and Proxy Ring Signature Schemes from
          Bilinear Pairings
          Amit K Awasthi and Sunder Lal

   2004/183 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          A New Forward Secure Signature Scheme 
          Bo Gyeong Kang and Je Hong Park and Sang Geun Hahn 

   2004/182 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Simpler Session-Key Generation from Short Random Passwords
          Minh-Huyen Nguyen and Salil Vadhan

   2004/181 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          On the Composition of Authenticated Byzantine Agreement
          Yehuda Lindell and Anna Lysyanskaya and Tal Rabin

   2004/180 ( PDF )
          Efficient Identity-Based Encryption Without Random Oracles
          Brent R. Waters

   2004/179 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Identity Based Threshold Ring Signature
          Sherman S.M. Chow and Lucas C.K. Hui and S.M. Yiu

   2004/178 ( PDF )
          Optimal Updating of Ideal Threshold Schemes
          S.  G.  Barwick  and  W.-A.  Jackson and K. M. Martin and C. M.

   2004/177 ( PDF )
          Updating  the  Parameters  of  a  Threshold  Scheme  by Minimal
          S. G. Barwick and W.-A. Jackson and K. M. Martin

   2004/176 ( PDF )
          A Biometric Identity Based Signature Scheme
          Andrew Burnett and Adam Duffy and Tom Dowling

   2004/175 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          A Proof of Yao's Protocol for Secure Two-Party Computation
          Yehuda Lindell and Benny Pinkas

   2004/174 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Short Group Signatures
          Dan Boneh and Xavier Boyen and Hovav Shacham

   2004/173 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Secure Identity Based Encryption Without Random Oracles
          Dan Boneh and Xavier Boyen

   2004/172 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Efficient Selective-ID Secure Identity Based Encryption Without
          Random Oracles
          Dan Boneh and Xavier Boyen

   2004/171 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Short Signatures Without Random Oracles
          Dan Boneh and Xavier Boyen

   2004/170 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Efficient  Consistency  Proofs  for  Generalized  Queries  on a
          Committed Database
          Rafail Ostrovsky and Charles Rackoff and Adam Smith

   2004/169 ( PDF )
          Regional  Blackouts:  Protection  of  Broadcast  Content  on 3G
          Alexander W. Dent and Allan Tomlinson

   2004/168 ( PS PS.GZ )
          Building  Instances of TTM Immune to the Goubin-Courtois Attack
          and the Ding-Schmidt Attack
          T.Moh and J.M.Chen and Boyin Yang

   2004/167 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          A  Secure  and  Efficient  Key  Exchange  Protocol  for  Mobile
          Fuw-Yi Yang and Jinn-Ke Jan

   2004/166 ( PDF )
          FRMAC, a Fast Randomized Message Authentication Code
          Eliane Jaulmes and Reynald Lercier

   2004/165 ( PS PS.GZ )
          A comparison of MNT curves and supersingular curves
          D. Page and N.P. Smart and F. Vercauteren

   2004/164 ( PDF )
          ID-based Cryptography from Composite Degree Residuosity
          Man Ho Au and Victor K. Wei

   2004/163 ( -- withdrawn -- )
          On  the  Weaknesses  and  Improvements of an Efficient Password
          Based Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards
          Manoj Kumar

   2004/162 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          On the Key-Uncertainty of Quantum Ciphers and the Computational
          Security of One-way Quantum Transmission
          Ivan Damgaard and Thomas Pedersen and Louis Salvail

   2004/161 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Improvement  of  ThLeriault  Algorithm  of  Index  Calculus for
          Jacobian of Hyperelliptic Curves of Small Genus
          Ko-ichi Nagao

   2004/160 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Scalable Public-Key Tracing and Revoking
          Yevgeniy  Dodis  and  Nelly  Fazio and Aggelos Kiayias and Moti

   2004/159 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Towards Provable Security for Ad Hoc Routing Protocols
          Levente Butty\'{a}n and Istv\'{a}n Vajda

   2004/158 ( PDF )
          Mobile Terminal Security
          Olivier Benoit and Nora Dabbous and Laurent Gauteron and Pierre
          Girard  and  Helena Handschuh and David Naccache and St\'ephane
          Soci\'e and Claire Whelan

   2004/157 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Hardware and Software Normal Basis Arithmetic for Pairing Based
          Cryptography in Characteristic Three
          R. Granger and D. Page and M. Stam

   2004/156 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Why Quantum Cryptography?
          Kenneth G. Paterson and Fred Piper and Ruediger Schack

   2004/155 ( PDF )
          TrustBar:  Protecting  (even Naïve) Web Users from Spoofing and
          Phishing Attacks
          Amir Herzberg and Ahmad Gbara

   2004/154 ( PDF )
          Controlling Spam by Secure Internet Content Selection
          Amir Herzberg

   2004/153 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          A  double  large  prime variation for small genus hyperelliptic
          index calculus
          Pierrick Gaudry and Emmanuel Thomé

   2004/152 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Another Look at ``Provable Security''
          Neal Koblitz and Alfred Menezes

   2004/151 ( PDF )
          Suitable  Curves  for  Genus-4  HCC  over  Prime  Fields: Point
          Counting    Formulae   for   Hyperelliptic   Curves   of   type
          Mitsuhiro Haneda and Mitsuru Kawazoe and Tetsuya Takahashi

   2004/150 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          An Authenticated Certificateless Public Key Encryption Scheme
          Young-Ran Lee and Hyang-Sook Lee

   2004/149 ( PDF )
          Secure  and  Efficient  AES  Software  Implementation for Smart
          E. Trichina and L. Korkishko

   2004/148 ( PDF )
          Provably  Secure  Delegation-by-Certification  Proxy  Signature
          Zuowen Tan and Zhuojun Liu

   2004/147 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Key Recovery Method for CRT Implementation of RSA
          Matthew J. Campagna and Amit Sethi

   2004/146 ( PS PS.GZ )
          Near-Collisions of SHA-0
          Eli Biham, Rafi Chen

   2004/145 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
          Electromagnetic Side Channels of an FPGA Implementation of AES
          Vincent  Carlier,  Hervé  Chabanne, Emmanuelle Dottax and Hervé

   2004/144 ( PS PS.GZ )
          Plateaued Rotation Symmetric Boolean Functions on Odd Number of
          Alexander Maximov and Martin Hell and Subhamoy Maitra

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