Help for Pro.creator

If you are having trouble with this application, you can contact Kevin McCurley at .

The purpose of this application is to turn a JSON file with accepted papers into a mobile-friendly web page for the program of the conference. This is intended to be used for IACR conference based on the template for conference web sites.

The format for the imported JSON file of accepted papers is produced by websubrev, and is described below.

The output from this application is a JSON file that conforms to this schema and will be rendered properly by the template in the IACR conference template.

Input File

The input format for this app is a JSON file that is exported from websubrev. An example is:

{"acceptedPapers": [
    "title": "Title of first paper",
    "authors": "Alan Turing and Aaron Aardvark",
    "affiliations": "Princeton University; Harvard University",
    "category": "Theory"
    "title": "New Directions in Cryptography",
    "authors": "Whitfield Diffie and Martin E.Hellman",
    "affiliations": "Stanford University",
    "category": "Public Key Cryptography"
This consists simply of a list of papers specified by a title, authors (written as BibTeX, separated by "and"), a list of affiliations (separated by ;), and a category for each paper (categories are optional).